Perfect Scuttle Smite Into Double Kill

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Perfect Scuttle Smite Into Double Kill
#leagueclips #leagueoflegends #shorts

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.exe / Not Thebausffs / Worlds Cinematics / Jungle Sion Main / One Trick / What is League of Legends / Unranked to Challenger or any other climbing challenges like that. This is a stream highlights / twitch streamer of League of Legends Diamond / North America but NA Thebausffs is Diamond, Chilling Smite, Yassuo, loltyler1, Doublelift, RatIRL, and Jankos. Solobolo

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Devin Jewell says:

I mean, whose to say Diana even had smite. I feel like she might not have had it, she’s done a full clear and might have used it on red. While he has skipped blue.

Pablo Lopez says:

Yooo, buy a lollipop to this man

James Cabrido says:

Is this the child of bausff? (cuz they kinda look alike)

Antonín Divín says:

Xin si no skill champ

Thomas says:

I love watching a pale man who’s never been outside get an easy kill after licking his lips the whole time

halo!! says:

Turn down for what

Hayden Rein says:

This better not be in ranked bro

Gowthrin Forever Mirin' says:

wp yee yee joking solo bolo we shilling

Yodasbigpipi says:

wow nice jungle

lobo ludo says:

We shilling

Thotaro Joestar says:

Why is thebausffs playing jungle?

BurnTastic says:

Nice one man

Sheepa Inu says:

wp yiyi solobolo

Jaime Freire says:

Why did you get so much xp for those kills wtf

Regular Channel says:

White Yamikaze

af says:


DReynoldds says:

Esse é o filho desaparecido do Alanzoka

Λευτέρης Νικολόπουλος says:

good job soy babus

Ryan Alex says:

Wellplei yiyi

Uuwotm8 says:

I wish face cams would be less popular

taroKen says:

Diana has to be filled , even if he got scutt xin would still gap her 1v1

羅予廷 says:

又舔 又舔 又舔嘴唇

40k Glurak says:

Bro what is with your tongue you look like an evil person 😳

Jason Thai says:

What champion is that?

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