Pinball FX – The new pinball platform for Zen Studios coming 2021!

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Zen’s most ambitious pinball project to date, Pinball FX will introduce Pinball Royale, a frantically exciting multiplayer action mode incorporating battle royale-style gameplay.

The game will also feature a new Career mode, challenge modes, a clan system, enhanced visuals, and more. Leagues, tournaments, and competitive play have been retooled to bring the community together in unique ways, and live events and seasonal content will mean there’s always something new going on. In addition, Zen will introduce original tables featuring brand-new IPs, which will be revealed in the future.

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George Christodoulou says:

And you have to buy again all the tables you have.You cant transfer them to the new platform…And i have them all..Thats very very bad and you dont apriciate all the support we gave you for all these years.I have no words to say to you..Shame to you

Andy N says:

Any Update ?

Railoffroader2 says:

Pinball Arcade had over 60 Williams/Bally tables in their heyday before Williams yanked their licensing and gave it to Zen Studios.
In over 2 years Zen has only released about 20 tables and the last volume was about 10 months ago and over 6 months before that. Pinball FX3 has overall better quality but Williams should’ve left it with FarSight who at least had more frequent releases with more than 3 tables per volume.
FarSight has since abandoned Pinball Arcade including all Gottlieb and all other other manufacturer’s tables while Zen Studios hasn’t been releasing anything either. Disappointing.

Hello Zen crew, I want you to take my money! Why so long between releases and few tables?

Rob Bull says:

Ideas for pinball tables…
Not a game developer and I have no idea about how to acquire IP’s and how difficult I could be so keep that in mind!

1. Friday the 13th and Nightmare on elm street pinball. You can even make a third table out of the two ip’s in a Freddy vs. Jason pinball table. Or any classic horror movie Ip after The black-and-white era.

2. Classic mob movie IP’s
Godfather, good fellas, Casino etc. or if you’re in the business of making dreams come true make a Joe Pesci themed pinball table.

3. Probably something you’re already working on but I would love to see DC themed tables.

I’ll be thinking of more and bothering the heck out of your comment sections!

BellHill Mayor says:

Loved fx3 on switch, Hope a switch version happens

Big D says:

This is going to end up being some Free 2 Play garbage that requires an absurd investment if you want all the tables. I'm sure after the success of the mobile version they've decided to bring it to other platforms now. I can pretty much guarantee this is going to be an always online micro transaction heavy game. There is absolutely no need for a new platform unless they want to fundamentally change the business model and I guarantee that they do.

The "career mode" is a dead giveaway about what type of game this is going to be.

If moving to this new platform has caused a licensing issue with games they have already licensed, then why would they move to a new 'platform'? It is completely counterintuitive to move all of the tables into a new ecosystem that creates "licensing" issues. Pinball FX3 tables will not be making their way to the new platform. They will justify this by stating that you can still freely play the tables you purchased in PFX3. Then they will further justify it by stating that you can earn all the tables 'for free' just by playing the 'new' game!

Matt in the hat says:

Any update on a release date?

James Brock says:

bring me the pinbot series, cab mode, all new physics and I will buy all the tables … again 😉

Red Guy says:

Will this come to mobile? Mobile has been stuck with the zen pinball platform for years

Simon CH says:

I really wish a Final Fantasy or the last of us Series. „Zen Studios“ is best virtual pinball developer. My favorite franchises X Pinball FX would be a dream. Also im excited for new updates. Special for graphic improves. At the moment i can’t believe it’s possible to improve. Graphic and animation are very clear and smooth! Good luck by developing and thanks for this Pinball experience!^^

Xproto says:

Better there will be more free stuff because your games are way too ea style like everything is so expensive !

ruehjdkfsgf says:

I really hope for the PC version it will be on Steam, if not, no purchase, and all our previous tables better transfer over. I'm not buying all that all over again!

SmashingStar Gamer says:

i hope that all the tables from FX3 are able to be in this game, i invested a lot of money into the tables especially Marvel so i hope that i'll be able to transfer them to the new platform

Brian Hall says:

Terrible. Thanks for not thinking at all of your fan base for this game. Will not be playing. Can the Pinball Arcade please come back! Get those Williams rights back.

Retr0GamerGR says:

Zen pinball fx2 take my money…..oh pinball fx3…ok….take my money again….import tables….wait a sec….something is missing ..pinball fx.ok u know what I know it a new engine but how can u charge me to pay more money for the tables I already pay .this is not fair guys. Even if u put them on sales or whatever. Not good.

DICEplays says:

Add table transfer. I will never rebuy a table

Larry Hendricks says:

Transfer over!!! Like fortnite and other games of this nature! Be good to your fans! :). I'll keep spending the money just on new tables

Enzo Rbto says:

Bring back Terminator 2 table

garretblack says:

Another request for importing purchased tables from Pinball FX3.

Ripped Junkie says:

The tables I've purchased in FX3 on Steam… will I be able to transfer them to this new Pinball FX?

Dinjoralo says:

Oh, cool! Surprised I didn't hear about this until recently.
Here's hoping there's another beta I can be a part of. I remember helping track down some serious bugs. (Y'all can thank me for your saves not being wiped when you close the game before the title screen!)

Carl Spiby says:

Make every table playable in VR and I'll buy everything on day one.

Paul says:

Bring back the Street Fighter 2 table.

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