Pinball FX3: Universal Classics Pinball Table Gameplay Review

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Pinball FX3: Universal Classic Pinball table gameplay review with three awesome franchises including Back to the Future, Jaws and ET.

This #Pinball FX3 Universal Classics Pinball collection is available on #Xbox One, #Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mobile devices. It’s basically available on everything with cross-play options. There are some seriously cool tables here with some of the biggest movie franchises ever.

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Kaldie says:

9:48 A really good job ? I love the movies, wanted to own a DeLorean when I saw Back to the Future in 1985, cried with my mother when I got out of the cinema back in the 80's after seeing E.T. and then these tables show up…WITHOUT THE MUSIC ? One of the many things that made these films so epic was the great music by John Williams and Alan Silvestri and they even mess that up ! These tables aren't nearly a really good job…Without the music this could just be another table, and even three years after they released them they still sell them for a too high of a price, not even updating them, I will never buy them as long as the music is not in it. Can't some make a mod for that or something. I can live with the voices, even though they are crap as well, but not without the music !

Doug Medina says:

Three great tables! The Jaws is not as forgiving as the other two. ET especially is easy.

se frazier says:

Recises pieces

Be kind To people says:

this one looks cool, is currently $13.49 CAD, might just get the 3 JURASSIC PARK tables. The ALien VS Preador is cool also but Jurrasic park wins, screw star wars, and we need a SPAWN TABLEEEE

o o says:

Your videos helped me decide on the tables I purchased the past couple days. I'd already owned the zen original packs season 01 and 02 and needed to decide on what to get next. Ended up getting the Bethesda Pack(mostly for Doom), Universal Classics Pack, Jurassic World Pinball Pack, Aliens Vs Pinball Pack, and Williams Vol. 01 pack to round it out with some classic. I feel almost spoiled by how fantastic Pinball FX3 is.

Tomasz T. says:

BTTF is my favourite table .

Wari says:

It's interesting how all 3 tables included shark references .


Dull tables and no licensed music!!!
Don't buy these tables. Wait when they are in discount

Shipwright1918 says:

The candies are Reece's Pieces in ET. In the original script and the book, they were M&M's, but Mars Candy Co. didn't want to license them for the movie, didn't think it would do well.

Their loss. Reece's Pieces were catapulted to fame by ET, sent sales through the roof.


back to the future is boring, wayy too easy

Todd Engle says:

at least call them tables and not maps. Don't pick on Jaws table just because it isn't super easy like back to the future

Danny Hogan says:

Why can't we get the proper theme music on these tables?

Brandon LaGasse says:

Just found your channel again its been a while i used to play with you on your first mc realm on pocket edition!

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