PLAYING DEAD! – Arma 3 Wasteland Online Trolling (Stratis) Ep. #4

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It’s what all of you wanted, and I’m hoping I delivered with this new episode of Arma 3: Playing Dead on Wasteland. Like and Subscribe for more Arma 3 content.

Who knew playing dead could be so adventurous in Arma 3. Follow me on my journey through Wasteland as many exciting events happen. Not everybody falls for it (and the number decreases with the amount of viewers I get), but it’s still enjoyable.

Arma 3 is a military simulation game with a giant open world. In this world you can play many different types of online missions. In this case, I was playing Arma 3’s Wasteland. It is a mission that basically turns Stratis (the smaller map) into a giant team death match. I of course chose no sides in the making of this video.

Supported Systems: PC
Genre: Military Sandbox
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Captured using: Fraps
Microphone: Blue Snowball

Happy Little Elves by Jason Shaw
(Royalty Free)

Graphics Card: GTX 670 4gb
Ram: 8gb
CPU: i5 3570k
Motherboard: GA-Z77X-UD5H

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