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Ratchet and Clank : Rift Apart (dunkview)

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Should’ve had a golden crab.

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-Sir WESLEE- says:

Yea Rivet bring just a carbon copy was the top disappointment for me….she could’ve been like Nero in DMC and have a bunch of different mechanical arms that had different gadgets or something at least. I’m sure the developers could’ve gave a bunch of different weapons for her arm

Sabrosas Titan 44 says:

5:46 that statement makes me miss ratchet's old personality. They just turned him into nerd nice man instead of an actual character

Garon Elliott says:

Can we go to an alternate reality where Rachet is no longer a sensitive little snowflake, and go back to when he was a wisecracking selfish asshole.

Anthony Mora says:

Remember when the character interactions was quite the opposite of polite? It was so fun.

"News Flash! Giant robots attacking!"
It sounded like the plumber was about to say "You idiot!" to Ratchet right after that.

"Don't hurt me! Don't hurt me! What are you? Mercenaries? Torturers? Assassins?"
"Sir, we're not assass-"
"Hold on! Let's see what he's got!"

"You guys get a load of that epic space battle I was in?"
"We saw ya- screaming for help."

"This isn't the real Captain Qwark you numbskull! It's a robot!"

"Listen up, you lardballs! That was the most PATHETIC display I have ever seen on that obstacle course! The two of you make me sick!"

"N e r d."

"Get me out of this thing, you Blarg-headed frat monkey! I can barely breathe and it feels like my tail is shoved right up my-"

Is it just me or are the writers too scared to hurt anyone's feelings? The characters and maybe even the players themselves.

atom4109 says:


Jason Brody says:

so is the new ratchet and clank is basically Dhar Mans Videogame?

Thanatos192 says:

they should have made evil ratchet instead of rivet now he's part of nefarious empire his right hand and you're supposed to stop him I wouldn't make it like those whimsical ps3 games I would go for ratchet deadlocked tone but even more serious you would be fighting in an armor that looks similar to marauder armor and i would give back ratchet his edge you would be separated from clank again but now clank can turn into huge robot like he could in rac1, rac2 and rac3 you can customize him alongside ratchet give them new armors in emperor's nefarious timeline ratchet never met clank and instead became a criminal and was recruited by emperor nefarious to kill his enemies for him ratchet from normal ratchet's timeline gets ambushed by nefarious nefarious steals dimensionater so he can rule whole universe and to subjugate organic life forms to slavery you're supposed to stop 3 main villains I would bring back shooting on grind rails and change the combat to how it was in deadlocked but you can use hoverboots and tons of customization with amazing music like in deadlocked also change ratchets design to resemble his ps3 model or deadlocked model if i can come up with story like this why can't insomniac why are they so incompetent they have professional writers yet they keep making these disney plots

Jelle Bosman says:

Imagine buying a ps5 and a release title that is Disney tier.

Rivershield says:

To me Sony is really screwing up itself in this generation. Up till now the only game truly next gen game they released was Demon's Souls Remake. It doesn't help that their exclusives are mostly woke garbage.

EifiE says:

I think its just ratchet that needs a bit more bite.

I found rivet and kit to be fairly charming and I like their arcs, but rivet fills an unneeded space that neo-ratchet now does because of how lighthearted and sappy he is. Im fine with the series being a bit more for kids, though it might have taken a step too far in that direction.

The locations/variety/gameplay etc I feel are towards the best the franchise has had, it followed up on the polish of the reboot but has so many more elements to keep it from being as bland.

Barrett Loughnane says:

this game should be rated ec for early childhood

Bob Got no job says:

I will never trust you again dunkey.

Awe Emperor of Chicken Killing says:

i liked the story except for all the random cringe

Jacksmilęycø says:

Ratchet and clank: Canadian version

Simulacrum .087 says:

This kinda hurt to watch. I absolutely loved this game and everything in it, from the call back to other games to the characters this is one of my favorite rachet games… I guess nobody agrees 😔

Anthony Brown says:

Remember kiddos, this game will be 15 bucks in a few years…

katana2k says:

Should I get this game? I still haven't beat Herman and Junk

Blitzball Ace says:

that moment when you realize Rachet is same voice as Tidus ; )

Niinji Music says:

I love the universe where the bad guy only wins the only difference is that Rachet is a woman.

andy espinoza says:

"Ratchet is intimidated by the prospect of finally meeting his lost race of…rabbits" XD lol so good and underrated.

Richard Lucena says:

2:41 Dunkey you realize the ship flying through space where the loading screens right?

Connor Glass says:

What joke is he talking about referencing Toy Story? Is it just because Rivot is missing an arm and giving a hand?

Tom Smith says:

That ending music nothing beats the originals

Sr. Concizion says:

cmon you dont want to fuck the weird raccon squirrel woman?

Sawyer Stribley says:

this game is really really really bad i would never play it everr!

chrikke says:

i love these honest reviews. i hate channels that only does reviews. they never feel honest. this saved me some money.

WasifBoomz says:

If I hear another person mention how they miss the satire of the PS2 games I am going to punch a baby.

I thought I was being too harsh on this game because of how many nitpicks I had, but I feel like many people are missing the point of Ratchet and Clank. Ratchet and Clank had their main character development in the first game and had light bits of development up until A Crack in Time, Rivet is essentially a way to develop a new character. Even though I feel like she should be just a bit edgier. Rift Apart isn't my favorite game in the series, A Crack in Time does pretty much everything here better, the story isn't my favorite, A Crack in Time and Up Your Arsenal mastered it, while Rift Apart simply does "pretty well." I feel like some people are giving this game too much credit, but others are giving it too little credit, but I think it's worth taking off the nostalgia goggles and the next-gen goggles.

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