Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – Before You Buy

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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (PS5) marks the return of a beloved franchise. How does this PS5 shake up? Let’s talk.
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gameranx says:

Ratchet or Clank? robot smartboy or weird cat squirrel man? let us know

Lazy Lebanese Lifestyle says:

just got the platinum for it, and i have to say, for all the hype, it was not worth it, it is a good game, but nothing new was given and it was short and when u finish the level, that is pretty much it, a 7/10 at best!

Brody Cortina says:

Might just be my favorite game ever.

Brendan Franklin says:

I think Rachet and clank Up Your Arsenal was my favorite. I’m a little bias because it was the first one I played though lol. I can’t wait to try this one out, but I’m a broke college boy right now.


How this video should have gone: Ratchet and Clank, before you buy, make sure you have enough money to buy. Like and sub


Ratchet and clank 1 is my favorite

FunkyGameTime says:

i got it with my ps5 and it couldn't have been better tbh i also bought ut again couple of days ago with 7€ from a shop that closed💀

tilenkobe says:

I think this one is way better than the one from 2016, I know its mainly a game for kids but RC2016 was way too childish, like toddler humour levels.

XpekT Eric Wolf says:

This is a great game have been playing for the last week and have platinumed it all ready but still can’t get enough of the gameplay absolutely love the game.

Cody Pettengill says:

Going Commando gang!

samgao says:

I bought this game, played it for about 20 minutes, and never touched it again. It just bored me to no end. Sure the game looked pretty, but that got old real quick. The art style never caught my interest, and I just don't care for the story… Then I fire up returnal and get pissed off again after spending 30 hours trying to get to the 3rd boss and then dying right before getting there… Unfortunately, there's nothing to play on my PS5… :

ًbishskate says:

Can’t wait to play this when I get PS5,one of my fav games when I had my psp

Samurai BeastWarrior says:

When Will this game be cheep any one knows

Junior Avilez says:

Never understood ratchet and clank ,idk how they find funding, most games are mediocre,beat em up just in 4k .gets old, played like an hour and it started feeling repetitive.ill be alright skipping this.

Saintsandsin says:

Big fan of the franchise. Totally stupid of Sony not releasing this on the PS4.

SoulX says:

I got this game in a bundle with the ps5. I couldnt care less about it but since no one wants to buy it guess ill play it

Alexander Grim19 says:

Me being a long time fan of ratchet and clank, this one was amazing to me was one of my favorites, but A Crack in Time is my favorite.

IR Calisthenics says:

I've seen mixed reviews someone told me "DO NOT BUY" I got it based on this video so I guess we will have to see

Crylhound says:

I mean… What? Just buy it!

Nick Foxsnowpaws says:

Well wishers could do a ratchet and clank future collection or maybe 🤔 older ratchet and clank game into remastered collection for ps5 that would be awesome and great to play yay 🐯

Tyler Mitchell says:

I've been playing this non-stop and it's pretty fun. 120fps with performance ray tracing and HDR has been oooooof chef's kiss

Kingy says:

R&C: Up your arsenal!!

Gustavo Castro says:

I disagree with you. I would’ve LOVED a massive open world R&C game where you explore multiple worlds etc

Dominik Kužila says:

Absolutely loved the game. Just here to say my favorite character was Pierre Le Fer pirate extraordinaire ❤️ 🏴‍☠️

Tuii says:

Back in 2000-ish, I got the original ratchet and clank, on ps2, I was blown away by every aspect of that game!

This PS5 release isn't doing it for me.. The cutscenes, the story etc.. It's very lackluster, that golden tongue-in- cheek humour that seemed so natural in the first game is not present here, it feels forced and desperate..

I will say – if you own a 120hz 4k monitor – the Fidelity mode @40fps, 4K UHD HDR looks better than any graphics I ever saw. The visuals alone carry this game, but definately not the gameplay or the story..!

Chris M. says:

I do wanna play this, but 75$ for 15 hours is just not a good deal for me – I’ll wait a year or two til it’s 39.99

asdghaith says:

Thank you for an honest no clickbait and helpful and funny channel ❤️🙏🏻

Mr. Christopher says:

Well I haven't played it yet and what's holding me back is waiting to accept video games are now $70 plus tax $74.99 🤦🏽‍♂️

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