Mama India [Reloaded] is one of the best tunes, and if you don't know it yet, you soon will because this is yet another example of great house music.


Ratchet Discovers What Happened to His Father And the Lombaxes – Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 2021

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Ratchet Discovers What Happened to His Father And the Lombaxes – Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 2021

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Shnorkey The Fourth says:

Look how soft he is. Look at his noodle arms.

Look how they massacred my boy

3N1Static Gaming says:

9:28 that was a Jack and Daxter Reference I know it!

Sam7325 says:

Might be a stretch but I think maybe entry 7 could be referencing Jak and Daxter
And of course entry 3 was a Sly Cooper reference

P i n k e r t o n says:

Yo is the the Monk a thug? O_O

8Rincewind says:

9:14 I love that reference to Jak and Daxter.

DubTurnal says:

That first part I actually related to

Apex says:

naughty and insomnia and other platforms combined in this to make easter eggs

Sony doesnt mess around

MrOak says:

0:50 Is it just me? Or does this part of the scene GENUINELY sound like Sonic and Tails?

imaginarium art channel says:

Woah did they reference sly Cooper and knack and possibly intelligent cubes

Maxisamo1 says:

Why include his father? We all know he was killed fighting Tachyon

Johnny Spilotro says:


Is that…Jak and Daxter????

Dawa Penjor says:

Rachet and Clank be a better sonic game than the sonic games.

Architect says:

"The Shrines won't activate if there are any bad vibes nearby… So if there are, you'll have to c l e a r t h e m o u t . . . "

Please tell me someone else noticed how dark that sounds?

amalfi5000 says:

It would be nice for Ratchet to face an evil doppelgänger of himself next game. Imagine someone like Liquid Snake! Ratchet and Rivet vs the new baddie!

blizzard stormer says:

they need to make a rachet and clank game where they discover all the lombaxes including rivet, and see the demension where they all live in till all toil had passed

Walter Shaw says:

Sly cooper and the little big planet logged 😎

Another youtube animator says:

When the whole game looks like the in game hi-definition cutscenes

Bona bonatex says:

I Just want understand. He discover that his father was the guardian of dimensionator when he read the lombax's writes on the archives? Or he already knew it from other game??

tbluec98 says:


Mesh man says:

Rivet: you need to get back to your reality
Communist rachet:…are

Pure Syn says:

Title seems a bit off. Ratchet already knows what happened to the lombaxes and his father in TOD and ACIT. This game just adds context to that and shows more what ratchet thinks about it

Andre Ware says:

That Jak & Daxter reference at 9:20 got a laugh out of me 🤗

Zytha says:

God I want to play this so bad.

PC-NAME: Jacob-Cross says:

The seventh entry was literally Jak and Dexter lol 😂

Josuke Gappy Higashikata says:

This may be directed towards younger people but it still hits close to home on the fear factor.

scettzvill says:

haha, all those references XD sly cooper, knack, jack and daxter, little big planet. not sure about the smart cubes one. think that's a P.S.2 home screen reference?

Dennis Sanjurjo says:

I smell a PlayStation version of Smash Bros lol

punkNaTion 75 says:

The jak and daxter reference though!!!


This make me wanna go finish the game high key lowkey 😭😭

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