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Ravenlok – Official Gameplay Trailer | Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022

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A 3D hack-and-slash adventure in a magical world, Ravenlok is releasing in 2023. Check out the gameplay trailer here!

This Ravenlok trailer is one of five Starfield Gameplay trailers dropped in the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022. To watch them all, be sure to check out ign.com and IGN on YouTube.

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KawaiiAurora says:

I CAMROJWEGJIDGHISHG THIS IS MINE. THEY STOLE IT FROM MEEEEEE WAHHHHHH. I STG i came up with this whole game, designed this main character, planned so much and now. ugggghghghgh

Russ Mawson says:

Looks decent that.

Makina Icyterror says:

Love the character design. Shame it's xbox only.

TylerPlayzZz says:

i own a pc only im not biased i like all platforms i feel like xbox is doing a fantastic job right now and they have a great future ahead the next few years

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