Red Dead Redemption 2 Soundtrack – Eastward Bound (At the Reins) – In-Game Music

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In this series, I’ll be covering the in-game Red Dead Redemption 2 Soundtrack, composed by Woody Jackson. This is “Eastward Bound (At the Reins)”.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Game Profile
Developer – Rockstar Studios
Publisher – Rockstar Games
Producer – Rob Nelson
Director of Art – Aaron Garbut
Writers – Dan Houser, Michael Unsworth, Rupert Humphries
Character and Facial Art Direction – Joshua Bass
Environment Art Direction – Paul MacPherson, James Nicholson
Lighting Direction – Owen Shepherd
2D Design and UI Direction – Stuart Petri, James Whitcroft
Character, Vehicle and Prop Art Direction – Michael Kane
Technical Art Direction – Rick Stirling, Valmor Garcia, Mark Harrison-Ball
Interior Art Direction – Karmen Coker
Interior Art – Jody Pileski
Motion Design Direction – Thomas Diakomichalis
Environment Art – Abhishek Agrawal, Wayland Standing
Character Art – Jamie-Lee Lloyd, Darrick Pister, Pete Armstrong
Vehicles – Jolyon Orme
Props – Eoin Callan
Optimization – Kathrin Roesller
VFX – Nick Greco
Director of Technology – Phil Hooker
Director of Engineering – Klaas Schilstra
AI Programming and Design Direction – David Hynd
Gameplay Programming – Chris Swinhoe
AI and Gameplay – Cesareo Gutierrez, Chi-Wai Chiu, Deryck Morales, Fredrik Farnstrom, Ryan Satrappe
Animation and Cinematography Direction – Jonathon Ashcroft
Animation Programming – Bryan Musson, Frank Kozuh, Graeme Sales
Animation R&D Direction – James Miller
Animation R&D – Etienne Lapointe
Graphics Direction – Alex Hadjadj
Graphics – Raymond Kerr, Mark Nicholson
Engine – Ian Kiigan, John Whyte, David Etherton, Flavius Alecu
Physics – Ben Lyon, Eugene Foss
Studio Technical Directors – Brett Laming, Chris Oat, Hugues St-Pierre
Tools – David Muir, Luke Openshaw, Mike Wilson, Terry Litrenta
Art and Technical Support – Adam Smith, Andrew Bailey-Smith, Neil Walker
UI Programming – James Strain, Gareth Evans
Social Club – Ian MacFarland, Kevin Baca
Networking – Daniel Yelland, Robert Schmitz, John Hynd
Animation Directors – Jim Jagger, Mark Tennant
Gameplay Animation – Alex O’Dwyer, Chris le Roux, Kirk Cumming, Mike Jones, Stephen Sloper
Ambient World Animation – Abraham Ahmed, Peter Reynolds, Malcolm Angus
Cinematic Animation – Dermot Bailie, Sean Letts, Tim Webb
Facial Animation – Sarah LaPenna Onheiber
Performance Capture Director – Rod Edge
Additional Performance Direction – Gethin Aldous, Matt Tempest
Additional Animation Direction – Sam Henman, Vishnu R Chakkaravarthy
Cameras – Luke Howard, Forrest Karbowski
Director of Design – Imran Sarwar
Open World and Ambient Design – Steven Messinger, Robert Bray, Ghyan Koehne
Mission Design – Ross Wallace
Mission Flow Design – Silas Morse, Ross Parker
Camp and Town Design – John MacPherson, Ben Rollinson
Wilderness Design – Dan Van Zant
Horse System Design – Sergei Kuprejanov
Weapon and Melee Systems – Jason Bone
Systems Design – Ben Wilson, Ahron Mason, Kenneth Ross
Studio Directors – Alastair Dukes, Andrew Semple, Daniel Smith, Ian Lane Davis, Jennifer Kolbe, Ken Davis, Kevin Hoare, Steve Martin
Sound Design – Jeffrey R Whitcher
Audio Direction – Lazlow
Audio Director – Alastair MacGregor
Music Producer – Ivan Pavlovich
Score Composition – Woody Jackson
Original Songs – Daniel Lanois
Associate Producer – Chris Choi
Producer – Rob Nelson
Executive Producers – Sam Houser, Dan Houser
Platforms – PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date – October 26, 2018
Genre – Action-Adventure

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