RESIDENT EVIL 8 VILLAGE – All Lady Dimitrescu Scenes and Encounters (Tall Lady)

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RE8 Village Countess Alcina Dimitrescu is a mutant human countess and assumedly the matriarch of the Dimitrescu family. This is all the Lady Dimitrescu cutscenes and encoutners within the game! Enjoy!




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RESIDENT EVIL 8 VILLAGE – All Lady Dimitrescu (Tall Lady) Scenes and Encounters
RESIDENT EVIL 8 VILLAGE – All Lady Dimitrescu (Tall Lady) Scenes and Encounters
RESIDENT EVIL 8 VILLAGE – All Lady Dimitrescu (Tall Lady) Scenes and Encounters

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Dan Allen Gaming says:

kwiilt says:

Lady Dimit: Sorry I dont do do short guys


Me: WHaT ABOut sHort GirlS drool

Waleed D says:

I wish we got to see her more its so sad

•.Y3LLA H3RE.• says:

11:15 best moment…

Isaiah Faber says:

She's honestly so gorgeous

Lex Lex says:

I gotta say, I like her character and felt bad when she died, I really like the strong ones, they feel so alive and sentient.

Lex Lex says:

9:04 Wish it would be that easy

Lex Lex says:

6:44 I was about to say "plot armor" when she let you go, then I saw his hand being cut.

Lex Lex says:

4:55 Would have been cool if she saw you reflection

Con says:

Such a unique character. When she gruesomely murders me in the game at least it’s by a woman who likes the finer things in life and with class 🍷👌

Cute and Fluffy Pikachu says:

I’m sorry but she is soooo dam hot I ended up letting mommy chase me around the castle for about an hour 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

MA53N says:

Ethan's fetlife profile:
FemDom, Giantess, Gun Play, Amputations Hard Limit but Negotiable, Enjoy Hide and Seek, Long Nails and Cigarettes. Safe word stubborn.

Kaamar Henry says:

it was so satisfying when his hand got cut off

sexy cynthia blonde evil goddness says:

the hateful MOMENT is in house beneviento your inventory is empty fuck that small devil if i have my weapons i make meat of fetus

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