Resident Evil Village – Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

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We get our first look at gameplay in Resident Evil 8: Village and some of the people we are going to encounter on your journey through the castle, the tall, frightening Lady Dimitrescu included.

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DV8 says:

Duke Nukem RE .

Ted Suehsdorf says:

meh I think I'll stick with evil within 2

Blxrryy Is Boring says:

Y'all going on and on about Lady Double D's, but y'all are made sleeping on my man Moreau 🥵🥵 /j /sarc

VoidMoth says:

I just beat the game for a second time and got this in my recommended lol

Jason Madruga says:

is it possible to add lighting to the game? seems like the whole city lost power and is playing at night time

Curve Ahead says:

Looks outdated, apart for some graphics… The franchise lasted too long…

Roberto Sanchez says:

I truly feel in love with this game.

ReTTaH ! says:

Resident evil 5 was the best periodt

Lion Prince says:

Im going to buy this game

MultiKhairullah says:

They should bring the option between a 1st person and 3rd person gameplay in the next update. Because RE is all about that awesome 3rd person to experience every action. Thumbs up if anyone agrees.

Night Emperor says:

Mmm, Man Blood ehehe

Goiboi Esau - EN VTuber says:

I don't know who Ethan Winters is or why this game is called Resident Evil. I'll just go back to my PS1 and check back in another 10 years to see if devs give a shit about me.

Dean Gulston says:

I got so much man blood for you, baby!

transcendent love says:

I don't like first person prospective

EscapingTheRealWorldGamer says:

Capcom: you like dirty games , being naughty and sexy-time
Well here you go i present to you

Resident Evil 8: Lady In The Hat Bonjour.

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