Returnal – Gameplay Deep Dive With Housemarque | PS5

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Returnal developer Housemarque tours the first two areas of the game, discussing weapons, lore, and more as they proceed through the cyclical alien world of Atropos.

Out now on PlayStation 5:

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Root Sharp says:

wow keys are used for doors??? this game is so new. I would never guess.
also a serious comment.. seriously guys? there's no subject introduction. there's no content sharing. just "there's a crash happening and you have to figure out a randomized world. yeah it's random everytime because we didn't wanna design a world. we just made tons of small levels that is gonna interact with each other"

let's see.. it looks nice but monsters looks like some pokemon and I didn't like the main character's running speed. was she a runner or something?

Blu luu says:

3rd person doom

Demétrius Gomes says:

Another third person linear game. ANOTHER ONE.

Martin Ruskov says:

I've been sleeping on this game it looks dope.

Kai Habich says:

Well why this havn't any Multiplayer. Friend and I would totally love this.

Perpetual state of acquiescence NOS482 says:

Wait for this to be on pc

Brian says:

This game is trash no save system no checkpoints at least Dark Souls series while difficult has checkpoints and save spots this game belongs in the dumpster

Papoo says:

all those item and leave behinde


This looks visually stunning and has such lush colours, also some interesting level design concepts.

vicenteservice says:

Altamente bom, vejo cenarios super exclusivos aquii.

Jari Latva-Hakuni says:

Those hostiles looks same like edge of tomorrow movie.

stupidfuckingidiot says:

"Yeah, Anathama. That means damning or curse…."
Me:……….in..? In what language? Don't leave me hanging. Is this a made up ancient language for the game? Where is it derived from? Is it a fully fleshed out language? Gimme moreeeeeeee

john house says:

same old same old…… jeeze ! roll on the day they switch on AI , we're missing out on all the genres of games not stunted by the human condition….. yyyaaawwwnnnn….. back to bed then

superrubik wil says:

So its risk of rain but prettier

Yahia says:

I think it's too dark , I dont like it ..

Specialisized says:

I bought this game without knowing what it really was, but I love it so much


I love this

TylerThePioneer says:

Is this ps5 only

Salad Alfie says:


Lazy Stoned Monk says:

I just want this to be available for ps4, I don’t care if it’s downgraded to match the operating system for ps4 pro, but i want to play this do badly. Just the vibe and how the world look is amazing.

Pretty Sad on LSD says:


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