Scarlet Nexus – Game Opening Trailer | PS5

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Watch the opening animation for SCARLET NEXUS! SCARLET NEXUS releases June 25th, 2021. Pre-order today!

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SinLikeSnow says:

if the anime doesn't have the same OP I'll be upset.

Banden says:

100k views LETS GOOOOO!!
PS: Arashi Spring best girl

Flame Lord says:

1:24 lets f*cking gooooo

jjjjorden says:

Might buy the game just for this opening

Music2Anime says:

The GE series is better and has online…

Shadic Saiyan says:

I really want this to get a Switch version. This game has the same feel of Astral Chain and I loved that game.

PollyDueces says:

I'm willin to bet this is gonna be the anime intro

Hraberuka says:

Looks awesome, cant wait, also the music is great

Talan Mortensen says:

Is the preorder bonus for the digital version only or will it also be available for the physical version of the game?

Kayvon Paymard says:

Take my hand and remember

Nenad says:

I love when I see on the and of the video physical release for the game! Day one purchase for me!

Yusei255 says:

Just glad they didn't decide to make this game next gen exclusive.

Gureto Great says:

Come and see the game trailer❎
Come in to listen to the music of THE ORAL CIGARETTES✅

Lorddiabout says:

Can I make my own character?

My third account says:

Persona 6 be lookin’ sweet

Fernando Frederico says:

The sound is very cool…!!👏👏👏👏😀👊

Wwe Im says:

Tokyo ghoul next generation

Banden says:

full lyrics here:

I'm lost inside


I'm falling down


They take my brain


Isn't time too late?





I want you to tell me


抱きしめ大切な dream in drive

Who drowns my brain?


From the birth till the end





I want you to tell me


呑み込んだ dream in drive

I'm lost inside

I'm falling down


Naxzed says:

Persona 6 mfs be like:

buhinobu says:


FlamingCrystal Alchemist says:

I’m ready for this game to play on ps4

Jersus fioravanti says:

This and Biomutant, I don’t ask more.

Joshua Nicholas says:

This game looks interesting but I brought Tales of Arise instead.

Derrick Haggard says:

I want this game, Also once again Utofable knocks it out of the park with an intro that has awesome, and beautiful animation.

Eren GOD Yeager says:

Very excited

Xailashi moist says:

And we’re fightin for our paradise

Grada Claesluvie says:

I love the music

Rogério Santo Noronha Filho says:

I don't know Yuito and Kasane yet, but I already shipp them haha

Greg Miller says:

I brought code vein so unless this offers me something more I'll leave this alone

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