Scarlet Nexus – The Final Preview

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Bandai Namco’s psychokinectically powered action-RPG is fast approaching, and we’ve got about fours worth of hands-on impressions to share. Here is the final preview and our reaction to Scarlet Nexus.

Scarlet Nexus is developed by Bandai Namco, directed by Kenji Anabuki, and produced by Keita Iizuka, both of whom have previously worked on the Tales series. It features two playable protagonists, Yuito and Kasane, who are members of the OSF (Others Suppression Force), an organization of super powered soldiers who do battle against monsters known as Others. The game is an action RPG that combines fast paced action with deep RPG mechanics that allow you customize your character and deepen your relationships with your party members to aid you in battle.

Check out this video for our Scarlet Nexus reaction, and keep an eye out for the game when it becomes available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on June 25, 2021.

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Michael Marrs says:

This game is o bad it’s hilarious, every enemy is awful, brainless nonsense, the WOEST RPG IVE EVER PLAYED, the combat is awful, the camera is awful, every second of this game is worthless!!


I'll pass

zensai says:

if you played the demo you know exactly what to expect with the full game. behind the psychokinetic gimmick is a very mediocre dull game. save your 65 dollars for something with more meat and substance.

pimaggot says:

What system?

DJ Renzo says:

Picking it up tomorrow my weekend plans

Deameo says:

is there character customs?

RedHeadZed says:

looks cool. cant wait to play when it's $15.

cristina oganiza tenchavez says:

Something deals the division vibes of this game

Black Sky says:

This got game and get anime adaptation this absolutely win-win

Swiss Grease says:

Did this headass really just sell the fact that the game doesn't let you cancel attacks to dodge or block as a ""Cool aspect"" of the combat system? Man. Cmon IGN.

what the says:

The Demo was amazing. Day one purchase for me

Raptor God says:

I'm so excited to play this game on Wednesday 8:00am 😁

matto says:

Don't you mean sink your teeth not stick your teeth?

Arukorstza says:

More cyberpunk than cyberpunk….

PJCC says:

Is this some prototype game like?

Sandra D. says:

The character designs remind me of Fire Emblem Awakening and Conquest !

LevelUpRob says:

Only just started playing code vein and I'm enjoying the hell out of it!

So I'll definitely be checking this out! 🙌

Frederick X. says:

NieR Automata meets Control. Cool concept :O

Why Mie says:

Is this a single player games

Luther Luka says:

The game music does it for me

Nexus ツ says:

The game looks great

Francis Garcia says:

ngl, it reminds me of freedom wars from psvita.. maybe the graphics and the character aesthetics?.. idk.. something in it just reminds me of it

Jordan Singh says:

2 things:
“Previously worked on Tales series”
“Persona-esque bonding system”
I’m in.

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