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Sea of Thieves: Tall Tales: How to complete the Stars of a thief + Journal locations – GUIDE

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Sea of Thieves launched there big anniversay update! With the new story based voyages Tall Tales. We will help you with your adventure in the Tales with guides about every Tale!
In this video we show you how to complete the Tall Tale: “Stars of a thief”. We also show you where to find all the journals to unlock a commendation.

Journal locations:
Journal 1: Rum Runners isle next to a spyglass on the eastern isle.
Journal 2: Plunder Valley on the highest rock next to the maps and spyglasses.
Journal 3: Snake Island on top of the main island next to the maps and spyglasses.
Journal 4: Devil’s Ridge on the highest Northeast rock next to the maps and spyglasses.
Journal 5: Crescent isle on top of the island on the South west rocks.

All the directions of the constellations:
Arrow – SW
Bear – S – SW
Boar – NE
Boat – W
Crab – E – SE
Eagle – NW
Feather – S – SE
Fish – E – NE
Flame – W – SW
Kraken – N
Queen – N – NE
Scarab – SE
Shark – S
Snake – W – NW
Turtle – N – NW
Warrior – E

Different variations of the tale:
Great Eagle: Lone Cove – near the big rock middle of the island like shown in the video
Lost Gun: Mermaid’s Hideaway
A Hunt: J12 SE side of the uncharted island deep in the water on a kraken skeleton you’ll find the jewel
Lost Eye: Shark Bait Cove – middle of the island below the water
Patient One: Thieves Haven – Middle of the island have to dig between the shipwreck and the campfire
Battle in the Heavens: Mutineer Rock
Sea Queens Promise = Isle of Last Worlds
They Were Voyagers = Discovery Ridge – on the SW tip of the island near the shipwreck below water
Snakes Deception = Rapier Cay – on the SE tip of the island you need to dig

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