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Shepard and ALL Squad Members Die in the Suicide Mission. Worst Ending of Mass Effect 2 (Legendary)

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Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition – Commander Shepard dies during the ending (suicide mission), along with the entire crew and all squad members. Joker is the only one left alive.

00:00 Jack Dies, I didn’t upgrade the ship armor 🙁
1:15 Kasumi Dies, I didn’t upgrade the ship’s barriers 🙁
2:25 Thane Dies, I didn’t upgrade the ship’s cannons 🙁
4:00 Making poor choices which lead to more deaths…
5:50 Garrus dies, because of the previous timestamp
6:53 “Rescuing the crew” and making more poor choices
9:05 Grunt, Zaeed and the Entire Crew die
11:11 Making sure that Samara, Tali and Mordin will die
11:42 Jacob and Miranda die
13:39 Samara, Tali and Mordin are dead as planned
14:00 Shepard Dies
15:20 Joker alone with Illusive Man, dead squad & Reapers
18:57 Wrex dies 🙁

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So I just killed everyone in ME2 LE. Just about finished downloading ME3. REALLY curious how ME3 is going play out now. 😬🤔

MrEko23 says:

Joker: Fine, I'll do it myself.

Baracuda says:

You failed to brutally kill Kelly! You can't go after the Collectors right away…

Marlon Green says:

Playing my last Canon playthrough and Tali was the only too die accidentally. Might as well watch this because I don't kill everyone.

Rittik Battacharya says:

"we r going on a suicide mission and I'll make sure it fcking lives up to its name"
—- Commander Shepherd

RegalCartoon says:

The hardest part is choosing the bad options while knowing full well who should do what.

DC says:

This was soo hard to watch! I had to fast forward alot!

ZJM's Trash says:

Honestly would be crazy if you had this save file the character you customize in the next ME would just not be Shepard but rather someone else. Only issue is just how long and how many recourse that would take too change mechanics, interactions and everything. But not like there's much interaction too he held anyways lmfao.

Pac Man8 says:

bruh that ending has me dying lmfao

jynx0riZ0r says:

Still better than the original ME3 ending. 😉

Jakob says:

I first played ME2 when I was about 9, and somehow I finished the game with only Jacob and Mordin left. 10 years later though and I'm happy to say that none of my squad members died this time.

Hunter X05 says:

To this day I still think Zaeed should have been one of the successful loyal options for the fire teams

luiz alves says:

To be fair, garrus in the first game was half tech. He's like that cousin that knows how to format windows, but takes 15 hours to do it

Flacko says:

There’s something hilarious about how stupid each situation is despite how serious the cutscenes are. The Shepard of this timeline is both the luckiest and dumbest person in the universe to get this far while making the absolute worst choices.

Petr Hanke says:

Tali is not a bad squad leader. Yes first time her squad fucked up and her second in command took the lead but on Haelstron her squad was basically sent there to die from the beginning. Remember Quarians are pretty much fucked once their suit gets punctured because of their weak immune system. Geth will keep on going untill you destroy they proccess power.

Kari1278 says:

Replayed Jacob's death too many times… Cheating bastard

Christian Andersson says:

Grunt one kills my heart

Krafty Karrizzma says:

This shouldn't be as funny as it is LOL

PhoenixofPrometheus says:

I felt amazing to save everyone without using a guide. I really felt like I understood my squad mates and their expertises took get the job done.

This is honestly hilarious though

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