Should Your Boyfriend Play Borderlands 3?

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It’s finally here! Borderlands brought my boyfriend and I together a few years ago. Will Borderlands 3 tear us apart?

Thanks to Skill Up for their footage of the Calypso Twin’s video. I was having trouble finding that part in our stream, but he took a really great shot of it! So yeah, check out Skill Up:


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Vinicius Moura says:

Im looking forward for your review of the Tiny Tina's game next year

Rockett Pow says:

I was talking to a friend about how villains who are Bandit streamers isn't even the WORST idea for Borderlands. It fits with the themes of the series. Sensationalizing violence and cruelty. That's basically what's demanded on Pandora and we've seen it from the other gun corporations or even main characters like Moxxi. Bandits getting in on the action through livestreams makes sense and is even kind of clever when you think about it. But you need STRONG writing for it to not be incredibly cringy for the whole gam and BOY does Borderlands not have that.

Vinny Ecko says:

The apology joke is gold, I laughed so hard. Bravo girlfriend reviews.

Cas The Demon says:

I honestly loved the villains of this game. I thought they were very accurate lol.

MaxTK says:

Pov: you don't have a gf/bf

marc of wonder says:

Never have a felt the need to sit through the whole ad read, just in case there might be some kind of charming joke in tossed in there. You guys are GOAT

aTuberYou says:

Borderlands 2 was almost perfect imo! Borderlands 3 made me realize what the difference is.. Handsome Jack 🤷‍♂️

Handsome jacks Doppelgänger #194 says:

It makes since borderlands 3 is the worst cough cough ava cough cough
But hey you get to kill boss over and over and the warrior

Fidojunior says:

I just….dont like that series has sometime hilarious humor unfortunelty….kost of them are when you in fire so miss a lot of this things 🙁

cyberruck says:

I am loving this game and playing it again.

jessieBird96 says:

I'm sorry, but "Like, subscribe, and obey!" Sounds like EXACTLY what a 20 something evildoer would say when they were trying to take over the world 🤣🤣

L0U13 __ says:

I liked the guns and gameplay
I did enjoy finally ridding the galaxy of the two Millennial menaces

Adam Rijk says:

The community meme tho

Formal Film Prodcutions says:

I got into the series from tales from the borderlands by telltale games. And that made me fall in love with the series.

Denton Anderson says:

"I'm not proud of my behavior before I had a chance to look at it " 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the Harry Potter clip too. I get it 🤣🤣🤣. It's mine

Gibs Lewiston says:

Did you do the sellout quest if so the pistol is one of the best guns in the games

Ayush Maniar says:

best thing in this video is the Portal 2 "kara mira" background music playing near the 7 minute mark

Egg says:

3 is still my favorite just because of the looting and the shooting

TucBroder says:

I bought all four Borderland games without having played any of them…
Now I really hope I like them 😁

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