SMITE OLYMPICS! (Smite Funny Moments)

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– Myth / MythyMoo

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a b says:

Day 195 of asking Myth to finish the insurgence randomizer


Very late but those codes are so distracting like I keep getting drawn to them

youssef abd el nasser says:

Hasent any one els miss it

JROCK50054 says:

I remember when they had this track and it was hard as hell to hit basics as a hunter on it. I literally only played Fenrir in Arena because you can’t outrun brutalize. It was so OP. Lol

Jimbo Juice says:

"there will be three codes hidden. Throughout the video"

First 20 seconds shows all three

Brandon Daniels says:

For ANYONE wondering about the racing music at 3:47. You're welcome ❤️

Eakwing says:

1 ticket clutch, the memes have won

Angel Torres says:

got anymore codes myth

Adam Pastorok says:

Day 60 can still not find the codes… I'm going back in!

Invalid Name. Please, Try Again. • 1 day ago says:

Why does he sound like he's having sex he says fuck so much and groans so much

Musicalknight says:

The guardian meta, plz come back ;w;

Milosz Sekowski says:

keeps on swearing

Milosz Sekowski says:

how the fuck did I fucking die fucking fucking look have fast I am how much fucking damage fuck sylva

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