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Snoop Dogg gets Wiped on Ark

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1 Super thanks = 1 dino rescued. #ForSnoop!


Darcek BlueEyes says:

Thats why I play PVE lol

Psalm 3713 says:

snup DOG breath is a loser druggie.

Fallenarchangel666 says:

Parasizzle🤣 i feel for snoop ive lost hours of progress before and im sure i willnin the future

SigSour226 says:

Lmfao I didn't know snoop played ark

Colene Logan says:

But he didn't get whiped

Colene Logan says:

All u care is that his experience woah

vinstual says:

Legit I would never go pvp. I get so satisfaction from destroying others stuff.

Riskismyname says:

This is why living in the area with low level dinos is better

~ShadowBanned~ says:

pvp ark in a nutshell. Than people get pressed when we dont wanna play pvp. Reddit… cesspool of try hard sweaty pvp ark players.

Thaitanium says:

Fake. They took his footage and added to their ark video. Snoop was playing either madden or nba on that clip

Cloudy Life:. says:

Bro tried to save a pioma😂

Supergirl says:

#toxic because that was toxic of you

Deep Elements says:

OMG I don't know how may time this was me LOL

Alasdair Mackintosh says:

Snoop probably wasn't even playing ark, this guy's just looking for attention so he tried to pass this off as him being good at video game

Coralia Lopez says:

Lol my thumbs up is for recreating himself in the game

white demon says:

This why I play pve

Andrew Kay says:

LOL snoop shoulda played PVE..


i hate the island also

GP Stream says:

Нічого не змінилось з того часу. Нормально грати можливо лише без онлайну. Забагато, ображених на життя, козлів у грі.

Antonio Garcia says:

this is fake yall..

Romoslayer says:

is it sad that I know exactly where this base was?

Isaac Shenton says:

How it feels to be wiped on ark tho. It hurts a lot. Especially when you got like 1500+ cryod tames and a massive base

Plexpara says:

i swear this is exactly how his Base and Char would look like

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