Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay Walkthrough, Part 1!

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough part 1 gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer! #JediFallenOrder @EAStarWars #SponsoredByEA
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is now available to download on PC, PS4, and XBOX:

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Justin Brummett says:

First time playing Star wars Jedi fallen order

Justin Brummett says:

I just killed it

Justin Brummett says:

Hi typicalgamer you know how you tryed to kill that the boss frogthing

Ollie Bradley says:

star wars fan i epreiciat that you did ths Tg i also loved the vid where you did Ghost of tsushima

Brent Bastian says:

I love your videos

Lonnie Brame says:

🐸 is not an insect

Lynette Smith says:

8 t g I can't wait to get to 500 million. I'll be such a long time

Martin Steve says:

I hate ponchoas

Noah Wilmot says:

Love star wars

shakeba said says:

Take the poncho off

Pauly says:

You can choose to auto climb in settings

Jackxm says:

I played this game tooooo! It is sooooo fun

Hayley Wong says:

I have actualy completed this game today!

Hannah Stewart says:

n k

Erik Lorenso says:

[Laught] 😂😂 you can't Get it pal

joan neviackas says:

Is anybody else watching this in 2021

Black Hawk says:

Why does cal look like Cameron Monaghan?

Abril says:

when he said futerestic trash can he made me laugh so hard

Yvonne Jones says:

Team poncho

Landon Anderson says:

green for yoda

Landon Anderson says:

It is the dark side after all

heather blankenship says:

Don't fight him again it's not worth it to fight him again and also don't fight the fat freaking king of frogs

Trevor Sellier says:

The big fat frog

Jerimiah Patterson says:

Hello Typical Gamer hey man I like your channel your gaming channel by the way and I think you are a really good player I like the Star Wars video that you are about to do I only seen a couple of parts of it and I I think you're really good man it's just I haven't played the Star Wars Fallen yet but I have I have played the Star Wars the Force Unleashed and I think I played half in the second one I don't know I mean it's just it's cool it's cool I like Star Wars I I think it's really good I think there should be a third forced Unleashed in the series of Star Wars you rock man

Nancy Holmes says:

Stop it get some help

Aaron Lynn says:

cam's voice always turns me on ughhh

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