Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Nightsister Witch Merrin Lover Story 2019

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Nightsister Witch Merrin Lover Story 2019

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Timmy_B. says:

The fact that he destroyed the holocron made me so upset when I first played the game 😂

Shane Lin says:

Who else thinks Merrin had a Russian accent?

Anonymous says:

9:07 she is talking abt grevious

Derek Rivard says:

She was a welcome addition to that game … if way too attractive for a Night Sister. The accent alone …

G.W. Rudy says:

You know the Force is real when you're on a quest to find a magic smartphone contacts list and you get a tsundere slavic waifu instead.

Date Masamune says:

Imagine if someone used a Grievous mod. XD

tyler tam says:

guess pong krell was right of course

I’mSomeWhatCertain says:

Former enemies turned lovers. Cliched but it clearly works here.

Fives-The Loyal Soldier says:

That was a disappointing relationship 🥳😑😑😐😶🙄

Albert Wayne says:

Me reading the planet's name: Dathomir. The actress who portrait the nightsister: Dothoamir!!!

Jesse Spindler says:

I am very much looking forward to Cal and Merrin showing up on Mandolorian.

Brian Watts says:

I knew it was bs

JH B.Patricio says:

If they ever make a movie about this

Tom Holland better be Cal

Benjamin V says:

Say what you want about disney and EA but godamn they have done great things with Vader, hes terrifying.

Katie Fox says:

All the people who say they don’t want this because something something attachments something something dark side have clearly never watched Rebels 🙃

Thanos says:

If swtor was had this games graphics, mechanics and so on but with swtor character creation & story, that would be awesome.

Epiphany K says:

wait, where's my romance option lol

Yeet says:

big tiddy goth gf

batman Lord says:

9:04 i think she mean darth vader

omaru says:

17:52 I love how she destroys the whole game's premise in a veeery obvious way.

Izulox says:

I like how EA made Merrin's voice like Kassandra from Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Destroy Idiots says:

Gay Jesus is lookin good.

thumbshurt88 says:

Its always going to be this between woman: @ 20:49 " I will not let this bitch take MY place"….

Skitzo says:

25:41 did anybody else think that she was gonna kiss him?

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