Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order – Second Sister Inquisitor True Identity Revealed (2019)

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Second Sister Inquisitor True Identity Revealed (2019)

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Albert Luttig says:

cere: mentions trillia

me: the 2nd sister is trillia it's too cliche to not be

Anonymous says:

is it just me or does Trilla sound like Hela from Thor:Ragnarok?

Strike Force Alpha says:


Malachi Richards says:

9:21 He touched the Kryptonite 😖😖😖😖

Jeffrey Aguilar says:

3:38 I like how she sounded angry when she said that and she was cause she was jealous of Cal’s survival.

Sunborn Arizonan says:

Dead ass if I was being hunted by her and she revealed herself. I would be thinking. Perhaps we can over throw Vader and the Emperor together after gaining power and knowledge. Find Korriban and found the new Sith Order as it once was. Use the holocron to find the padawans and forge them into true sith.

Jack Raider says:

The audio in this game is so intimidating

Ricardo Fermé says:

Removes Helmet

Cal: Hey, you're kind of hot

Trilla: What?

BD-1: What?!

Toxic_Tornadoes says:

Imagine how short the game would be if Cal aimed a little lower


Darth maul called dooku sith pretender and so are these inquisitors order 66 survivors who turned to the dari side to survive

Putu Bagus Devino 1942075 says:

what star wars = inquisitior sister = trilla , jedi , strom trooper , mandalaroian
{wait a second its a game Ps4or5 idk}

peepaw says:

Trilla kinda a baddie

Michael says:

The ninth sister is brutal

Wolfy_GT says:


Just a BIT of dark side

Please? 🙂

SansTheElumbu says:

Jokers make a good jedi

SansTheElumbu says:

Im the second sister
(Menacing Imperial march)

Ricky Lopez says:

Everybody hates Chris is on that ship?

PJOZeus says:

She is like super cute though
We’re personal affections allowed, I would happily turn

Phantom says:

2nd Sister: removes helmet

Me: Something is rising and it isn't Skywalker.

Deranged Crouton says:

5:29 cow kisses

Larry Gill says:

Trilla pretty hot not gonna lie

Tai says:

Cameron Monoghan is the second actor who played the joker and a Jedi besides Mark Hamill

Iorveth1504 says:

The second sister gives me the vibe of the classic crazy girlfriend and that woman on the ship gives me " the butch vibes".

1992Hauke says:

„Like I said, I am persistent.“
Has a different lightsaber everytime they meet.

Elephant Lord says:

Trilla takes off helmet

Cal: something is igniteing and it’s not my lightsaber

idontknow164 says:

Disney to Respawn: "What's it like to have people liking your Star Wars?"
EA to Respawn: "What's it like to be liked?"

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