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STARS OF A THIEF Tall Tale COMPLETE Walkthrough | All Commendations ► Sea of Thieves

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This is a complete walkthrough guide on doing the Stars of a Thief tall tale and how to get all the commendations or achievements for this tale in Sea of Thieves. You have to do this one five times to get all commendations!

0:00 How to start the Stars of a Thief tall tale
0:22 Sudd’s Notes #1
0:31 Sudd’s Notes #2
0:42 Sudd’s Notes #3
0:56 Sudd’s Notes #4
1:12 Sudd’s Notes #5
1:27 Enchanted Spyglass (Face North)
1:48 (With your back to North Star)
2:05 Star Jewels
2:28 “Great Eagle Landing”
2:36 “The Man Who Lost His Gem”
2:44 “A Hunt”
2:52 “Lost An Eye”
3:00 “The Patient One”
3:08 “Battle in the Heavens”
3:16 “Sea Queen’s Promise”
3:24 “They Were Voyagers”
3:32 “Snake’s Deception”
3:40 Sail to N13, the Ancient Statue
4:04 Take the Notes & Totem
4:20 Which Ancient Vault your Totem Unlocks
5:19 Ancient Vault Puzzle Solutions
5:45 “Warmonger was Angry” Combination
6:08 “A Tear of the Sun fell down to Land”
6:27 “Old Mother was Angry”
6:43 ”An Old One Raised a Spit of Land”
7:01 ”Old Judge spoke to Those who Listened”
7:16 ”The Queen Plotted”
7:34 Deliver Shroudbreaker stone to Sudd

Playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEFmHCQRBf0CepMbK2HLQQtHVKDymAY9F

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