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It’s been now over 3 Years Since Telltale Games was revived by LCG Entertainment. In today’s short, I provide an update for 2023 which will mark the official return of Telltale Games and what could be the next batch of Telltale games coming after The Wolf Among Us 2 and The Expanse A Telltale Series both release! Could we see “Batman Season 3” with a return of the old telltale batman cast? – Could we see a new playable character in a new telltale game, or The Walking Dead Game returning and getting a new season! Telltale Games after 3 years is finally ready with two planned games releasing in 2023! Anything is possible let me know your thoughts down below!

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Bigby and Snow are returning to untangle more mysteries in the much-anticipated sequel to one of Telltale’s most beloved games, The Wolf Among Us. Award-winning voice actors Adam Harrington and Erin Yvette are back to breathe life into the main characters (Bigby and Snow). The lead writer, creative/game directors, and composer of the original game are back for another trip into the dark universe of Vertigo’s Fables graphic novels in The Wolf Among Us 2.


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