THANOS *TRAP* TROLLING In Fortnite Battle Royale!

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Braden Anderson says:

My teacher asking me where my HW is

Crispy says:

im thanos mother trucker 6:42

Hailey Hansen says:

Who eles misses that intro

Harold green says:

Legit old fortnite bruh 😎 my my was so far from him with that pump and still hot 111

NothingInMyAss says:

Better times rip good memories where made

spy main says:

i love muselk

starwarsjoey says:

season 8 hype!!!


Nope 🙅🏻 3 year and we back

prashant marwaha says:

Why do i feel like people get so many Gold scars of the rip in chapter one

Kennedy_m123 says:

Who’s watching this in 2021

Zooms says:

whos watching in season 7 chapter 2 dam the memriose

Carlos Palmer says:

You dare skip the mighty REVOLVER?! (I know it’s blue. Also currently gold tac and gold revolver headshots do the same amount of damage

Xxkarso Xx says:

3 years ago ha 😄

Fateh Ahmed says:

I see this thousand times then also I I am not bored

Fayzer says:

3 years later he’s back in the game

Back12too says:

In my recommended 3 years later lmao

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