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The Beautiful Metaphor of Hyper Light Drifter

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Welcome to the 55 minute product of a beautiful game and a month of quarantine.

Introduction: 00:00
Opening Sequence: 06:38
Discussion of Opening Sequence: 09:45
The North: 15:59
The East: 20:19
The West: 26:06
The Guardian: 30:53
The South: 34:36
The Town: 40:45
The Abyss: 46:01
Conclusion: 50:33

—– Written, narrated, and edited by Harrison Consoli —–

Music used:
From “Hyper Light Drifter” by Disasterpeace
The Drifter
The Gauntlet
Stasis Awakening
Acropolis Falls
The Abyss
Seeds of the Crown
The Winding Ridge
A Chorus of Tongues
The Midnight Wood
The Water Shelf
Cult of the Zealous
The Sentients

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