The best way to apply render and plaster to wood fibre insulation.

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Chris Brookman @ Back to Earth gives guidance on how to apply UdiFOUNDATION COAT render on to UdiSPEED wood fibre insulation.

The render is applied with a steel trowel at approximately 5-6mm thick over the EPS plinth area and the wood fibre boards. This is then troweled with a 20mm knotched trowel to ensure the correct render thickness.

The mesh is troweled in to the wet render with an extra strip over the junction between the EPS plinth and the wood fibre boards. This is then troweled flat and finished with either a steel trowel or a spatula. It can also be sponged once stiffened to remove ant trowel marks.

Around the windows the render is applied under the conner bead mesh to ensure the correct bedding and then the main mesh is bedded in, overlapping by at least 100mm.