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Welcome back to Universe Sandbox 2! All I wanted to do was experiment with Pluto! I just wanted to make Pluto BIG! But I made Pluto TOO BIG! I turned Pluto into the largest black hole you could ever imagine! The black hole is so huge, stars live their entire lives before they can even make it through a fraction of its orbit! Galaxies are a little SPECK compared to it!

I also attempt to make trinary solar systems, but I have lots of bad luck.


Have you ever wanted to play god? Well you can in Universe Sandbox 2. I enjoy creating and destroying entire civilizations by exploding suns and randomly placing Jupiters in the solar system. I’m going to be attempting various scientific experiments with planets, stars, black holes, and galaxies just to see what happens! if you want to see any particular experiments, please let me know in the comments! I’ve been on a really big space kick lately as you can tell. I love these games! 🙂

Universe Sandbox 2 is currently in alpha and you can get it here!

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Outro Music by Kevin MacLeod
“In a Heartbeat”

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