THE DOLL HOUSE | Resident Evil Village – Part 4

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We made it to the doll house in Resident Evil Village

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jacksepticeye says:


Axel the sergal says:

this games combat is literally "parry this you filthy casual"

Keigan Pepples says:

when there was gunpowder in the outhouse i was seriously expecting an "explosive diarrhea" joke. tbh i'm dissapointed.

Debra hartley says:

22:52 lmfao

SpringTrappedYT says:

Sean –
Reads sign and says "Do Not Enter"
Also Sean –
"i CaNt rEaD"
– proceeds through door –

Logic 100

Killshot Playzz says:

The doll is white and black zetsu >_<

Steven B says:

Love that “Granny’s got arthritis” is now part of JackSepticEye cannon 🤣🤣

angela a says:

2nd time he gets scared by items popping up i cant XD

Sky says:

4:05 Umbrella shout-out!

miles1235 says:

when you shot the chicken instead of f#%$ing how about clucking

Anonymous says:

"We offer these Goats of Warding to protect the village and its people. Any who break them shall feel Mother Miranda's wrath"
Jack: Gun go shoot shoot

jonah lotze says:

1:40 explosive diarrhea has a whole new meaning

will bro says:

Bruh jack is so big brain

Ian Bramble says:

Did anyone else want to scream at Jack that he had the well wheel the entire time he said he didn’t have it?

LittleLionMan76 says:

Where it shows all the houses Jack. DID YOU NOT NOTICE THE UMBRELLA CORP LOGO?!?!

Hotpedasgila 54 says:

i love people feel bad after killing the big boba woman

King of the Adam Mcloughlin says:

On the channel

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