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The Dredge Locker Animations

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The dredge has some unique locker animations including a lot of bugged ones. I’m unsure if the dredge has some other “secret” locker animations however I do know on the dredges POV it does look a lot different.

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Liz Goma says:

When the sims woo-hoo in the shower of closet

Juan Vasquez says:

It be awesome if the dredges locker animation was a mori one

Evil Xero says:

By my word do as I say, or I'll pull this trigger and be lost to Davy Jones' locker

William Turner – Pirates Of The Caribbean 2003

RyanM416 says:

0:02 what’s going on in there? 📸🤨

its Lina says:

Bro I love 3rd person

SomeRandomFurry says:

holy fuck that shit is honestly kinda hot.

We need a slime skin for dredge and my dreams will come true.

Catalyst says:

In going to hug you, aggressively, cuz I'm the killer

Mister Wolf says:

Dredge has more bugs than newest ptb has bad design choices.

Gunther The Quizmaster says:

Because… for some people, solitude and isolation can, in itself, become a problem. – Mr. Stuart Ullman, The Shining (1980)

HyperRaids / AeroFrights says:

Imagine fuckin rebbeca hiding in those lockers

Oh Chin Chin daisuke says:

Steve didn’t deserve this!

Dutch Odst says:

Grey what are you doing in there

ThePsychosis says:

Dredge is tought killer.i hate playing in the dark.

alex field says:

dredge opens locker
"hello,do you have time to hear the good word today?"
dredge immediately closes locker

Lenny says:

I’m proud to say this has never actually happened to me in a game ever

Shocknfunk says:

Biggest waste of time they’ve ever done. Literally have only seen this killer in play for 2 matches.

Renan Rodrigues says:

Esse bicho parece uma DST…


The first one 📸📸📸

Tyrant Lizard says:

Wow, The Dredge is just so cuddly. All it wants is a hug.

Siodog says:

What happens in the locker, stays in the locker

HammBone The Gamer says:

I prefer these from the killer perspective

Silver says:

He just wants a hug.

L says:

Looks like woohoo in the closet in sims hahahaha

StuMacher’78 says:

The dredge is just a floating pile of garbage lol! 😂

Caleb Monahan says:

Also locking a locker whiles he's there he can also get you which kind of sucks

TrulyGear says:

What they doing in that locker??!?!?

King X says:

A jumpscare for his open locker animation

LollipaxACNH says:

It just looks really sus

Top1Hater says:

all those slimy noises and the survivor grunting sparks ideas

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