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The Expanse: A Telltale Series Announcement Trailer

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Get ready to enter The Expanse: A Telltale series from Telltale and Deck Nine Games.

In the near future on the outskirts of the asteroid belt, a bloody mutiny breaks loose on the Artemis. You take the role of XO Camina Drummer, where your choices determine the fate of the ship. What will you do with the truth, Bosmang?

Join the telltale community and learn more about this bold new story in The Expanse universe.

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shane mcinnerny says:

Man I hope we can have epic space battles and it is a sandbox game

Aimée Verônica Momm Romero says:

It's so weird to see this new art style from you! Not in a bad way; I'm just not used to it. You're all amazing! Working on existing franchises like TWD, Batman and The Expanse is cool, but I would love to see more stories from your original characters! (I know TWAU technically isn't made from original characters, but cmon' you know what I meant!)

Nick says:

bosmang when is the release date!? take my money!!!

Brit Packed says:

Do we know when this is coming out and will it be on iOS ?

@tardwrangler says:

Female protag? Dropped

Gaimkore says:

is this out????

Caitlin C. says:

This is based on quite literally the BEST SCI-FI SHOW I have ever seen. And it is just so underhyped. I am so excited.

Sebastian Sanhueza says:

i take it this is pre-tv show? or not necessarily related to it at all?

Elidrys says:

Here for Cara Gee as Drummer. Inspirational and amazing. That said, game looks good too.

Kalebe Alves says:

I love the expanse. I hope it doesn't flop

Petar Juric says:

Will this be on playstation? And when is it coming out?

Ivo Bosnjak says:

Hell freakin’ yes. My favourite sci-fi show lives on!!

KuroBushi says:

I was so sad when I heard that you guys were shutting down because it to me yall told the best stories they were all awesome now obviously my fav is walking dead mostly cause of lee and how longer it is compared to the others but my second fav is the wolf among us I'm so glad that's coming back and so glad you guys are back and I cant wait for your games you guys are awesome and I really appreciate all of your hard work that's for staying!

Iv Rep says:

TWD in space! 😀

ElGatoLoco698 says:

Best TV series ever made.. At least the first 3 seasons.

max t says:

pls no comiclook pls !!!

Reposter says:

I beg you guys continue the Walking Dead franchise, man those games were amazing, cool to see you move to different tales though! Also very excited to play Wolf Among us 2 when it comes out! will definitly be streaming these games as they are the games that made my Twitch channel 🙂

akka Ih says:

Marco Inaros 🤜🤛

Persival Redl says:

As a huge The Expanse books fun I really don't like chose of the protoganist.

Gam1ng Dad says:

Cant wait to game it out

Eli Da silva says:

The Expanse baby. Drummer starting here work for Fred Johnson being a Stone cold enforcer

Andromeda Galaxy says:

This is so badass. The Expanse is a great series to see this kind of adaptation fun stuff

Muhammad says:

Wooooah. Telltale AND Deck Nine? Should be interesting 🤔

O'Fearghail the Fearless says:

Never thought I would see Telltale Games AND Deck Nine team up!!!

Mega AND says:

I will buy 80,000 copies if it means I get to play this game

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