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The Expanse: A Telltale Series – Story Trailer | gamescom 2022

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Telltale’s Expanse game dives deeper into the series lore with this story of mutiny on the outskirts of our Solar System’s asteroid belt.

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BTF says:

wasn't Telltale bankrupt?

Iche says:

They should have made the hero look hotter.

Sebastian S says:

great idea for a tell-tale game


huh… you know The Expanse seems like the perfect universe for Telltale to make a game on

ValkyrieWing89 says:

Oh hell yes! My favourite character from one of. The best Sci fi shows of the decade!

Swatmat says:

belta lowda

Gemini Engine says:

Wait what? Telltale exists?

AyarARJ says:

Like other commenters: never played a Telltale game but will be keeping an eye out for this one, for sure.
Cara Gee's Drummer is great–made the character so much more memorable than in the books, not that the character is not already a strong one and perfect for a game treatment. So glad she's on board.

Milox says:

love drumer

Karottendealer says:

Why has no one a Belter Accent though?

Shah Xad says:

Of course it's gonna be great 🧡

ImportantWafflez says:

hey telltale can you make a Locke & Key game?

Heretican says:

Would rather have an open world first person shooter

¡Cataplás! ¡Chimpún! says:

Lol I've just "finished" the show. Drummer is my fav character <3

Alex Ds says:

Looking forward to it but it would be even better if it was more of a mass effect type of game.

Fliegendertitan Fliegendertitan says:

When telltale gives finally up their games are seit except the walking dead and minecraft Story mode

Kaleb Phillips says:

My favorite character is getting her own game. I'm stoked!

Atlas says:

This will be the first telltale game I'll play.

Monkey FunkR says:

Couldn't have picked a better character for this. Beltalowda!

Mr. Lonewolf says:

A serial killer in space? Color me interested

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