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The Expanse Reveal Trailer | Game Awards 2021

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Telltale Games is back. The acclaimed narrative choose-your-own-adventure developer returns with the dark sci-fi adventure based off the hit telveision show The Expanse. This trailer was revealed during the Game Awards 2021 livestream.


iliketrains0pwned says:

Drummer: 0:53

Fred: Jesus Christ. That really is how you go through life, isn't it?

ksalarang says:

It's all great and I love it, but why is this a Telltale game? It should've been an RPG 😭

Abin Odattil says:

Man camina Amos Marco avasarala , ze best

Victoria Pitts says:

Cara Gee breathed new life into Camina! She’s one of the best things about the Expanse!! Can’t wait for this game!!!

Alexandra Najar says:

Is it me or does the lady look like Kim Kardashian ?

Monosodium Glutemate says:

The expense has set the bar for space travel shows/movies so high I'm finding it hard to like other space shows anymore.

Void Void Void says:

This is gonna be nuts ! Ihope we get to see Void Cities like People's Hope πŸ˜€

Jayne Cobb says:


Stone Henges says:

Oh.. Perfection.. Drummer is thy nameπŸ₯Ί

HenryManson says:

ecpanse, another series, that was cut down by corporate bs & ended stupidly,.
quite the shame, for such a promising story, they dont tell now πŸ™„

CJ says:

We will remember that.

Aaron davies says:

If this ain't on xbox, ima cry

Deveron53 says:

I wonder if 'Mr Hairbun' and his son 'Pouty Teen' will make an appearance!

MIke_Cee says:

Just finished the final episode, then see this.

Camina is a total badass, and I cannot wait to play as here in a TellTale game!

Tomasz Jurczyk says:

Just nit picking, wouldn't the belters call it an "airlok"?

RobloxFanboy86 says:

We will watch your career with great interest.

GundMVulture says:


TheDoctorwho747 says:

So tell tale is back? And the cast will be reprising their roles for this? Wow that's so awesome

burt turdison says:

Buying this game is a no brainer.this will be amazing

Felipe Barros says:


Martin Wettig says:

Drummer is brilliant, and I also hope for Ashford.

UnknownKiwi says:

They better keep the show running in parallel
But i'd rather just the show if it was a choice

Dinanga says:

Imma get Naomi killed so many times

Zachary Prete says:

At first I was excited but then I realized this is tell tale games so rip flying cool expanse ships in a game

Warcrimes TV says:

Telltale is back boys

Ivan Petrov says:

Waaait Wait wait…. Is this for real? With Drummer nonetheless??? HYPE!

companymen42 says:

This must be before the shows.

Kid A says:

For Beltalowda!

craigjkb says:

I'm all for the game The expanse but what platform do a system do I need to have to play this?

Robert Johnson says:

Once again telltale has earned my respect and my attention.

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