THE LADY ASKS FOR MY HAND | Resident Evil: Village – Part 4

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Lady Dimitrescu asks for my hand! How could I possibly say no?
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DarkWolf Gamer says:

Mark: "I don't know why Lady Dimitrescu is mad at me"

Also Mark: killing her daughter

Shadow Brocario says:

Upon rewatching this I realized that when The Duke made a very clear RE4 reference, Mark just tells him to shut his mouth, rather rude dude, lol

Hunter Pierce says:

I'm currently binging the whole series after having just played it myself and I would just like to point out that I don't think selling the sniper rifle was a smart idea I have a feeling he's going to at some point in the near future say selling the sniper rifle was a mistake. Can't wait to find out.

Naim Minzan says:

So much talking..i like him playing but sometimes that annoy me.. just do little mimic

T. Renee says:

Pretty sure Ethan is Highlander somehow. 🤣😅

Lightning says:

Lady Dimitrescu: Running will get you nowhere!
Mark: casually glues right arm back

Bryson Emery says:

Markiplier: what is in this magic liquid. The recipe for it in his inventory:🥲

PoeticJustice says:

"Nice ass. I respect it's power."
Markiplier: 2021

mtl shdr says:

38:30 that split second pause is prove that mark has his priorities straight.

Mary Ilama says:

This game is about zombies, magic fungus, and vampire milfs. So honestly, I'm not even surprised he fixed his severed hand with some random magic liquid.

ty Hollis says:

Can you not just hit the lamps with your knife?

Juhtte says:

The intro tho 🤣🤣🤣
Is no one gonna talk abt the sliced hand😐

Rex Taylor says:

I love how not only ethans hand reattatches, but his jacket does as well

Kinosho Kawakami says:

ok i know you're making a funny, but i just gotta say blood doesn't make you family. it doesn't matter if it's "yours" or not, a child (or any person) is a part of your family if you want it in your life and it wants you, take care of it (or mutually take care of each other in case of other members) and give it love and support.

Whistling Rock says:

Speaking of how the hand healed and came back together with the arm and jacket.

Resident evil is a twisted universe, therefore anything can happened 😁👍

Marcus Jalbuena says:

Ethan is mega blocks

Albert Andersson says:

Not only does the first aid med heal your wounds, it also seems to work as some sort of glue to reattach your detached body parts. How handy😁

Spreadator says:

"I will literally never use this sniper rifle"
proceeds to use all the ammo in the next area

-VänsterVanten- says:

''hello everybody my name-i bagamum''

Allen Hatton says:

wish the flyers bugged out like when i played. they had no issue trying to kill me

wizarddemon 5000 says:

People in trouble situation : OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD
Mark in trouble situation : Opera singing

Piscestriker 0221 says:

dimitrescu sibling appears “it appears you don’t have any monsters on your field! I ATTACK YOUR FRAME RATES DIRECTLY”

jeremy patalano says:

mask of pleasure should be an ahegao face

Doc. Herbal says:

20:00 Scared me so bad I threw my phone 😅

RJ Weister says:


Nobara Kugisaki says:

2:16 bro can't stop laughing

Adam Block says:

Mark never wanting to upgrade his inventory space or sell anything. Is he sure he played RE4?
Also things not working on PC but working on consoles. Go figure. Those flying enemies worked fine, week 1 on PS5

Adam Block says:

"Why would i love you?" Well you love their mom and she sliced off your hand. So….why would they think any different?

amogus says:

Dude when he’s giggling by avoiding hits from dimitrescu he sounds like donkey kong

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