The Nioh Collection (What Version Should you Buy)??? DLC, 120 FPS and MORE

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The Nioh collection
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Drum n Bass Dan says:

video is helpful but far too long, people want the info squished into less than 4 mins.

WingsOfChairSqueaks says:

Can you get Nioh collection edition on playstation 5 digital version like from playstation store

Scary Hours says:

No graphical upgrades at all??? Aw man that sucks.

Ernesto Arredondo says:

If i already have the nioh complete edition of ps4 it'll get updated?

Wodens Throne says:

120fps on ps5 is possible, you need a hdmi 2.1 capable tv that's for gaming, the LG CX and Sony 900h tvs are the two best tvs for hdmi 2.1 support.

Both tvs also support full RGB range of colors for HDR.

Sam Rai says:

Will the dlc be on the disc 💿

who_else_but_dee says:

So if I have nioh 1 that I got for free with playstation plus and have nioh 2 already that I brought for $9 on black friday what's the point of getting the collection besides the dlc ? Do I still get the free upgrade for both with 120hrtz ?

Jacek Laskowski says:

masło malśane ten film 10 min o niczym…

Chris Davis says:

I just like the fact my dude didn't pay for Windows 10

Monkey D. Peege says:

For a dum person like me who never played neither of the nioh games I’m going certainly enjoy this

NE E says:

Thanks, this helped me figure out exactly what I needed to do!

Voidmoney says:

I was actually thinking about picking up Nioh for Steam since the sale price drop is pretty significant. It would be a blind purchase though, as I haven't played or watched any gameplay at all.

EDIT: Nevermind. I just checked and it's no longer on sale. LOL.

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