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This is what Ubisofts Open World Star Wars Game could look like! – Star Wars 1313 Unseen Footage

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In this video we discuss the unseen footage for cancelled Lucasarts game, Star Wars 1313. Given the bounty hunter hype from the Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett.. we take a look at why Ubisofts Open World Star Wars Game could look like Star Wars 1313.

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0:00 – Intro
1:29 – Sponsor
2:29 – 1313 Unseen Footage
5:25 – Future 1313 type games
7:26 – Outro

Thankyou for watching and may the Force be with you.

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TheAceOfSpades says:

Hello Games should be given the right to a open "world" (open galaxy) Starwars. No Mans had a really good comeback, but I always felt lacked of combat etc. If they did Starwars I think it would be amazing.

Crypto says:

Open world EA game
talk to the same NPC with a diffrent race
complete the same generic bounty hunter quest
everyone is good but the empire and bounty hunters
you can’t kill Non enemy NPC
to unlock part of the map get to a docking bay

Lmao what else I miss?

Ryan Alpeter says:

I can't for season 3 of mandalorian.

chrisapete says:

It’s gonna open world looter shooter co-op game

Chad Gaming says:

Do I love the gameplay that was shown off here, of course I do! I must confess, I’ve never really liked Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. But, after I watched all of the episodes of The Book of Boba Fett, I like him now.

Hayden says:

ubisoft is a shit company, simple.

The British Viking says:

So.. No, no game would look like this because it's from a cancelled game…

LookingGlass says:

Praying for something LIKE Star Wars Galaxies, from Ubi…..

nicbost717 says:

It doesn’t look or sound like boba because it wasn’t meant to be boba. That’s something that Lucas wanted after they were way into production. It should have just been a regulate anybody bounty hunter.

Like it was supposed to

Nine5Vader says:

They should just remake Star Wars Bounty Hunter like what they're doing with KOTOR on the PS5

Autumnroyall says:

Open world game like SWOTOR, but better quality, better stories and better graphics
Let me decorate my apartment on Coruscant while i wait for my friends to come online to do missions all night pls. 😭😭

Charnel says:

Like all Ubisoft games it will look shiny but have zero substance and soul

Daniel Woolcock says:

I really hope they don't base the open world around a damn bounty hunter. I have more than enough games with guns. I want open world with god damned lightsabers lol

Steezy Gaming says:

Eclipse is going to be way more than just bounty hunters. i get that theyre a "mainstream" trend & whats hot, but the trailer imo revealed a lot of classes similar to those of SWTOR. jedi guardians, sentinels, imp snipers, bh, sith warriors, inqusitors etc

Snepping says:

>disney cancels good shit
>disney relases the shitty trillogy

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