Top 15 Real Time Strategy Games For Android

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Best RTS (Real time Strategy) games for android and ios

Hello everyone brought you another list this time as I got suggestions from some to make RTS games so here it is hope you guys enjoy it.

Note- Except projectY,war of glory Blitz,Rex Tribal Society, zombie defense all are available for ios platform

following are games time and name that I mentioned in the list:-

0.24- Kings command (Free)
1.10- MechCom 3D(Paid)
1.51-siegefall (free)
2.41- First Wood War(Free)
3.43- Battle station Harbinger (Paid)
4.28- Total War Battles (Paid)
5.15- ProjectY (Paid)
Lite version available for free

6.02- War of glory: Blitz (Free)
6.54- The Incorruptibles (Free)
7.46- Rex Tribal Society (Free)
8.35- Rusted warfare (Paid)
Demo version available for free
9.23- Timeline: Assault on America (Free)
10.27- Guns’n Glory WW2 (Free)
11.19- Zombie Defense(Free)- little mixture of defense and RTS
12.04- Autumn Dynasty (Paid)

Ingame songs:-
1)Tobu- Life-
2)Waysons- Eternal minds-
3)Tobu & Itro- Fantasy-
4)Alex Skindro & Stahl!- Moments-

Intro music-Halvorsen- she got me like-

Outro music- janji- together(feat vivien)-