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Ubisoft's Star Wars game just got some BAD news…

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🔶 Ubisoft’s Star Wars game being developed by Massive Entertainment just got hit with some bad news by gaming insider Tom Henderson. It looks like it’s not coming out as soon as we think…

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EcksToo says:

What's your thoughts on the new information on Ubisoft's Star Wars game? Are you willing to wait that long? Also, our Discord invite & TikTok below!
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Off Set says:

How is this negative news? Your title is misleading just to get views… a delay in an MMO is GOOD news coming from a player since SWG back in 2001, and as long as it comes out right so be it!

John Howard says:

I'm Not Disappointed because I'd rather play a game with a few bugs rather than lots. Ubisoft made a good call. If the Open World Star Wars Game came out before Fallen Order 2, They did Something Wrong. If we Fallen Order 3 before (If we cross that bridge) They did something right. Lets hope it's not a Buggy Mess and known as a Clustfuck, But it known as one the best Star Wars games to be made along side Kotor, Republic Commando and other great Star Wars Games.

Aiden Lim says:

Who else wants a World of Warships/War Thunder style and/or Post Scriptum/Squad/Arma/Hell Let Loose style semi-realistic Star Wars combined arms infantry/vehicular combat game? I love all the above mentioned games and it would be absolutely fantastic to see a Star Wars game in a similar style.

RC shadow says:

I really don’t see these guys doing well in the near future in fact until they get a good company working on proper Star Wars games I don’t see many good things happening. In fact I wouldn’t put too much faith in Ubisoft, their starting to turn into EA 2.0 you can believe me or not to each his own but I’m just warning you guys know it’s starting to look like everything Hass to die and then maybe something good will come from the ashes A failure and maybe something good will be on their Horizon. One can only hope though.

J Sam7mann says:

Let's just hope that we all be alive by the time the game that we all been wishing comes out. 🙄

mingmerci says:

ubisoft have been working on a new engine and it takes years to develop games. The way I see it is its on track! but I'm not in the inside. Dont forget the world stopped for 2 years so its not as bad as it looks.

Xbond says:

Tbh, i just miss the good old days where you coudnt tell when a game launch and then boom uge suprise, a well made and complet game just released! But now a day dev just want your cash and launch game unfinish with bug's and shit… They dont really care about gamer's most of the time.

bruce wayne says:

Some people may disagree with me on this but this is actually both a good & a bad it's a good thing because it assures that Ubisoft has enough time to perfect their Star Wars game & make for darn certain that it doesn't become another CyberPunk 2077 or another Fallout 76 & it's a bad thing because of how long we have to wait for it to release oh yeah & as long as it doesn't get turned woke just like the Saints Row reboot is & as long as it doesn't become an Xbox & PC exclusive just like all of Bethesda's future games are for no reason what so ever i'll be happy whenever it finally releases oh yeah & as long as Russia doesn't attack the U.S. & other parts of the world before then like i've heard some people predicting

Martinez MOTU News please z says:

I Don't think Massive Entertainment Ubisoft Star wars Game will release Until fall 2025 And I'm fine with that. 2024 or 2025 don't really want WAIT much Longer than that
"But if it Includes Customisation, Pilotable Controllable Vehicle's & Beasts Mounts in Open World experience then I will wait.

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