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Next champion?

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Challenging Smite says:

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Next champion?

PoolpFFS says:

Fuckk Riot and its new op champs.

Appa says:

love those siv hd quotes, rlly miss him <3

chihuahua in a cone says:

Finally, a champion that fully embodies my disdain for everyone in the game.

imposter says:

pls Next champion Aatrox

yeeet __ says:

amumu q on steroids

Fabiolo Cabrisas says:

Kindred.exe pls

bill kas says:


Wesley K.B says:

Donkey voice made me happy

DarknessWarrior says:

i love your videos

Un- Ravelled says:

Depression is strong

Cauan Hiyuji says:


Sheldri Negron says:

Bro new champ yone plis <3

Dániel Tölcsér says:

did you just use dream's "come here george" at 2:55 ? lmao

Omega Swordbeam 64 says:

Heimer.EXE ? :3

Emir Viper says:

make vid of kayn please

MaiK 87 says:

now everyone edits in the same way xD
that makes this so cringe

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