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What The Diablo 4 Internal Testing Could Mean; Activision Blizzard numbers plummet…

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Diablo 4 release date hinted at by internal testing and Diablo 3 history; Diablo Immortal PC release date; Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 ladder patch buffs find item; Activision Blizzard financial results are bad; Overwatch 2 beta release date; Last Epoch multiplayer coming this year; Bethesda releases Elder Scrolls games for free on Steam.

Time stamps:
00:00 Intro
01:46 Viewer comment
02:26 Bethesda
03:10 Activision Blizzard
04:59 Overwatch 2
06:08 Last Epoch
06:26 Diablo Immortal
07:48 Diablo 4
09:51 Diablo 2 Resurrected

Bethesda launcher:
Activision Blizzard investors report:
Tweaktown charts:
Overwatch 2 Twitch:
Overwatch 2 beta sign-up:
Diablo 3 internal testing:
Diablo 2 Resurrected patch:

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Executive producers: Kiskaloo, Zaeith

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Rhykker says:

Download MIR4 on PC or Mobile today:

DeMishMIsh says:

"Jay Wilson"……so many years later this name still intices scorn and haterd in me.

NeuEremita says:

Yo, can we partition that Ryker does all his promo portions in that pitch perfect Cain voice. – 02:06 – Amazing Delivery

Larry MacDonald says:

I used to love Diablo online… but Blizzard has sucked pretty much since the release of D2…. and I know a thing or two about Blizzard… Chad J. still owes me a ball cap… I did the closed beta for D2 and I did a few others for them… D2 LOD, Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft…. I spent about 7 years in Open Tech Support way back when, before they split the " realms " into east and west gateways… the good old days of server splits.. and I tried to play SC2… but who wrote that garbage… a 3 year old child ??? Suffice it to say… Diabol 3 was just as bad… good game for a 2 year old child…. so I dont play Blizzard games anymore… especially since they seem to have a real hate on for men….

Jun Ren says:

Amazing Deckard Cain impression. Just wow! Do more. It brings back memories 🙂


Dislike count, 69…NIIICCCCEEEE.

Phil Peters says:

My god the Deckard Cain impression. I thought I was good. I ain't got sh*t on that

Not So Quiet says:

Rhykker Cain in da house.

Franco David says:

I will use a controller for my tablet to play it

PVXX says:

Omg I peed with the Deckard was spot on

Helstrix says:

Cain impersonation on point though XD

Qlimax says:

@9:30 lol i was thinking but D3 had that awful AH to deal with, bam next sentence

Marcel N says:

Refunded Diablo II resurrected and earlier warcraft 3 for censorship, lack of pan and abysmal quality respectively.
Starcraft 2 dead. Nothing in the universe.
Call of duty woke is crap. Never again. Microtransactions = no buy. Ever. I'll never pay or buy a non free shooter with micro transactions, skins etc.
Warcraft III Reforged putrid, dying. Never
Mobile crap incoming. Couldn't care less
Over watch? No, thanks
Diablo IV microtransactions? Never.
Ok, this sounds like I'll never play anything else from Blizzard again.
So be it.
Planning to pay the Cyberpunk stuff, nothing ever from Blizzard.

TydusWoW says:

New deckard Cain voice actor? Someone get this guy an application

Rich D says:

Ok but… where do I get that Horadric Cube plskthx. 😀

Tadej Peckaj says:

Cain is strong with this one!

MovieScene says:

will be beta Q4 2023 or Q1 2024

RDubs says:

Remember when blizzard use to announce games and then never release them?… Oh wait.

Aeredor says:

Rhykker next Cain voice actor confirmed

Leesa Michaels says:

Eyes are a little glassy, Big Rhyk…

Lucitaur says:

I hope Microsoft shuts down Blizzard.
Am sick and tired of that pathetic company that is wearing the skin of a now long gone fantastic company.


I’m on a Mac and I love playing Diablo 3, so any news Diablo Immortal being on Mac ? Like WoW is too

Marcel Burghart says:

I really dont understand the shareholders of Activision Blizzard. The Term Monthly active Users is actually a scam…….i dosent even show the real Numbers. If i log in WOW D3 D2 in the same Month i am three MAU….really for me thats a shareholder scam

Harley Palmer says:

Rhykker, are you secretly the voice actor for Cain? 😉

Ricky Ozenbaugh says:

And d3 had a failed start.

sakke says:

Pro level Deckard Cain voice!!

David Williams says:

Killer Deckard Cain impression!

j Hall says:

That was an amazing Deckard Cain impression.

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