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Why Project 007 Will Be the PERFECT James Bond Game

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No Time To Die is out in cinemas, so let’s talk about IO Interactive’s upcoming James Bond Game Project 007 and why it will be the perfect 007 James Bond game!

0:00 – Intro
0:46 – News When?
1:35 – Why It Will Be Perfect
3:26 – 007 Game Universe
4:10 – 3rd or 1st Person?
4:59 – Double the Devs

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Everything We Know About Project 007:

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Imao bvo says:

I would have prefeared a DLC about Lucas grey
Something like "Lucas Grey Legalcy"

Johnathan Santoni says:

Esa voz dios mío padresssssss

Anatoly Dyatlov says:

Brosnan type would make a very nice Bond for this game. Craig was like a boy tossed out of an angst story, while Timothy is too unknown for the newbies. But cheesy,humorous, a little broken Bond version would be amazing in this era of video games.

Leon Stanić says:

Cant wait for it

Lemar Ballard says:


Demian DeVile says:

would I buy new locations with new conctracts and escaltions for Hitman 3 freelancer?
absolut yes!

would I buy a special agent 007 game?
no I don't think so.

pattibjee says:

doubt it will be perfect game

SorcererOne says:

The level of ambitiousness they have mixed with total silence for almost two years is super concerning.

at rem79 says:

Wouldn't it be cool if you could pick your own favourite bond karakter like Roger Moore, and my favourite Sean Connery. Dlc with old missions from that era old villains . Q where you can buy with earned credits gadgets being able to drive some of the iconic cars. And above all smart side quests tight into the main story line of saving the world. Ending up with a lady on a deserted island in the tropics

NotyouAgain! ! says:

They will propel 007 into the mainstream again for games period

Alex Raitano says:

I was gutted they stopped making bond games after 007 legends 10 years ago but with its 60th anniversary of 007 in general of it I’m glad they thinking of bringing James Bond back as video games like the old days on modern consoles with this IO Interactive made the latest hitmans and that I think this new 007 game will help make better successful bond games movies maybe shows for its new universe they want to do before they find the 7th actor to play him be good to see the bond games not be played by the actors and there faces from the franchise be looking forward to buying the game when it’s done

Linh Lan 700k vào ( says:

9:38 Có những ngày mệt chẳng muốn làm gì cả, chỉ muốn làm người yêu anh

Winter Storm says:

Is it on Xbox 1

M4A1 says:

The main selling point was always the vehicles.

Everything from spycars, to tanks, and even the occasional helicopter chase sequence, it makes people miss the good old days of Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies on the Playstation.

TND is still pretty underrated as far as Bomd games go. It received a fair bit of criticism, but the first mission literally had you steal a Russian MIG for crying out loud. Why can't we see more of that?

DGM says:

Open world or I'm out

NeonsStyle says:

It looks shit. Shitty textures and models (very staircasey). AI just stand there when he's shooting at them. Looks like yet another crappy movie based game like all the rest. This video is pure hype only.

Blahskiohh says:

they should make it an open world rpg. you have to go to MI6 headquarters and talk to M and get assignments but along the way you can talk to people and get new leads

FL4K-TheHuntTakesAll says:

I hope it is first person or you can alternate views. I like the classic 007 games Night Fire being my all time favourite.

Arturo Zenteno says:

i want to see in the game once you kill the enemy he bleeds out and put knifes in the game as well

Bob Bobberson says:

Hitman has almost everything, a good set of stories, good maps, good movement… but, the gunplay is absolutely terrible. When 47 has better aim with a bowling ball than his silverballers you have a problem

C H says:

Sure it might turn out to be amazing, but there's no topping Goldeneye. Nevertheless, I'm still intrigued!

joseph payne says:

If the game is made like hitman which I know it will of they do make the game. It will not be the perfect james bond. Who the fuck wants to see James bond sneaking around choking people. He'll be made a assassin just like hitman. I hope it doesn't come out cause I already it will be the worst game of all time. The fact that they came out with the title project 007 already tells me they know nothing about James Bond. The creators of Bourne conspiracy I would take them making James bond over these guys.

Cosmos Okpighe says:

Let it not be another first person game pleaseeeeeee

RJ 29 GAMING says:

I would prefer to see Daniel Craig as bond in the game

TyPiece says:

It'd be cool if they add a bar code or feature a tobias reaper somewhere in the game.

Auset McChristion-Thomas says:

Man you would think Sony would be leasing out Bond characters to other games like Fortnite and even Mortal Kombat to keep their lore up to date. So many classic characters like Dr No, Goldfinger, Odd Job, Lockjaw, Solitaire, Kananga are all aging bad in an era that Bond started way back on N64.

Alexander Lara Trespalacios says:

If they’re not going to use Daniel Craig like they did for Goldeneye Reloaded they might as well just throw the whole game ago lmao. We just need a remaster of it, nobody’s asking for a new bond fuck that.

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