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WORLD WAR 1 GAMEPLAY AT ITS FINEST | The Great War: Western Front – NEW Strategy Game 2023

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Today’s gameplay reveal of The Great War: Western Front will take you through one of the most defining periods in world history – World War 1, the war to end all wars! This upcoming strategy game will transport you to the trenches and battlefields of the Western Front during the First World War. Thanks to the developers, I was able to experience the campaign map and battle gameplay at a recent event, so today we’ll dive deep into the game’s campaign and battle gameplay mechanics, showcasing how you’ll need to command your troops and outmaneuver your enemies on the battlefield, and the greater campaign map alike. We’ll explore the various strategies and tactics you’ll need to employ to emerge victorious, and we’ll discuss how the game manages to represent the inch-by-inch nature of the First World War. It might be a little early to make the claim, but I feel like this might be the definitive World War 1 game for some time to come!

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00:00 – Intro
00:26 – The War Fought in Inches
05:58 – The Campaign Gameplay
10:58 – Persistent Real-Time Battles
18:28 – Outro



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