Worlds Adrift – BEST AIRSHIP EVER! Amazing New Open World Sandbox! – Worlds Adrift Beta Gameplay

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Worlds Adrift – Close Beta Gameplay: Building the Best Airship Ever! New Open World Sandbox in the Skies! – Welcome to Worlds Adrift! Worlds Adrift is an open world MMO sandbox set in the skies! Work together to build an incredible skyship, sail the skies, and explore an ever-expanding world created by the community! Today in Worlds Adrift, we begin constructing our very first ship! Let’s Play Worlds Adrift!

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About Worlds Adrift:

Band together to build skyships and explore the floating islands of a shattered world. Find lost technology, unearth the mysteries of past civilisations, and join or fight other players in the quest for knowledge. Play the first unscripted sandbox MMO with real-time physics.

Worlds Adrift is an MMO Sandbox where thousands of players explore a physical and persistent world with the freedom to set their own objectives. This creates an unpredictable environment, rich with the potential for emergent gameplay. Every encounter with creatures, players or new islands will bring with them new threats, experiences and conflicts.

Wander the skies as a nomad or form crews to aid one another in exploration and ship building. Pool resources to travel more safely and build greater skyships, or risk your life stowing away on an enemy ship. The choice is yours.

As an open sandbox game, you must choose your allies carefully and be cautious when your crew encounters others who seek the same treasures. However, cooperating reaps rewards – craft and share items, show solidarity in team colors, and collaborate to build the most ambitious of skyships.

Build Your Ultimate Ship
From an agile skyship to a multi-story battle frigate, capable of withstanding the most brutal storms and attacks – explore the world to find and learn what you need to build your ultimate skyship.

Intro/Outro Music “Glitz At The Ritz 1” by Gavin Luke

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