Death of a Game: Star Wars – The Old Republic

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For the people thinking I was crazy or wrong to make this video…

“BioWare has also discussed ending development on the multiplayer online game Star Wars: The Old Republic, those sources said, although one person familiar with the studio told me recently that plans are still up in the air.”



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Divij Sood says:

I understand that a lot of players don't care about the MMO aspects and are happy enjoying the single player story content. The video makes it clear why the game fails as an MMO because of conflicting design directions, it also fails as an RPG for the same reasons. MMO design goals conflict with single player RPG design goals.

When they started focusing on their strengths, story-based single player content with KOTFE and KOTET, not only does that make it a worse MMO, it's also still a bad RPG because it's being delivered through an MMORPG. The combat system is shallow and based on pressing numbers in certain orders. All the gameplay design is basically WoW.

Because it's a F2P MMO, everything is designed with monetization in mind. One of the first motivations to spend on the game is to buy better speeders. All the planets are designed with long walks and lots of backtracking. Most large buildings won't let you enter straight through the door – you have to walk around the huge wall to get to the "real" inside – just to add to the frustration of not having the fastest speeder. Possibly due to open-world game asset loading as well, but still.

(Not to mention they murdered Revan's character)

I still enjoyed the game and got through some main stories, DLC, and came back later for KOTFE. But it was always a bittersweet experience.

Evelyn Hall says:

I've been recently re-visiting the game as a way of passing time until FFXIV's expansion drops, and I've found myself with a lot of conflicted thoughts on the game as a whole. I used to play a great deal before KOTFE dropped and it was a big part of my departure from the game. I deeply enjoyed the bleeding edge raiding of SWTOR during the middle of the game's life and will continue to say until the day I die that SWTOR had some absolutely stellar raids and dungeons, and general PVE content. This is why it's a great shame that, for a time, KOTFE brought an end to more or less all of the PVE development.

While the classes I enjoyed playing are still mostly intact mechanically and haven't been sundered in twain by pruning, unlike others, there's still an undeniable difference. The difficulty of the raid, dungeon, and PVE content that I absolutely adored has lowered significantly due to deprecation and a number of other factors. While I've been enjoying going back through the Jedi Knight story again, I really don't feel like the game would hold me well even without Endwalker on the horizon.

That said, I'd like to remain optimistic: I'm having a decent time with the game again, and I'm hoping that the game continues to receive content updates and expansions over the coming years. I'm very glad that the game wasn't shut down, and I'm hoping that the newest PVE content will rekindle some of those old feelings of love I used to seriously have for the game.

Spicey says:

Me and my friends pronounce it as SWOTOR, hearing S W Tor sounds off

Kisyana Sweetpaw says:

Aaaand it will be getting new expansion :3

Gut's Hub says:

I'm watching this while I wait for the game to DL again…..haha! Plan on enjoying some more class story stuff and maybe some PvP at some point if peeps still play it. I always come back for short bursts here and there to get my sci-fi/SW fix.

Zachary Ramirez says:

The combat is especially what took me out of it. I got a ways into a little tutorial, found out I didn't like the combat, dropped it to play something else, and just deleted it when I needed more space.

M Lupa Noir says:

Were you killed?
SWTOR: Sadly yes. but I lived.

blkwng says:

I know people probably wanted you to do this one, but I think this channel making a video swtor when its not dead yet is kind of anticlimactic. I actually when ahead and checked if it had gone off because I was thinking of playing the last expansion's story and the game hasn't shut down yet.

Rand-Tor says:

You could put the trailers on the big screen and flip everyone out!

Patrick Hudson says:

I am so happy you brought up a proper section on SWG at the end – the fact is, you can't talk about SWTORs legacy without talking about it being the shadow of SWG

Agent Aschenbrenner says:

Greetings. The year is 2021, Old Republic is still available for download. As a huge Star Wars fan and I guy who plays mainly single player games, this game sounds AWESOME!!! I’m looking forward to going through these storylines and completing quests as I prepare for the KOTOR Remake. Most content solo-able: YES! Heavy story focus: YES! Free-to-Play: YES!!!

DHR says:

I have always found the pvp systems lacking. They work but…

JenShep says:

yeah… no. its getting a large new expansion with more content updates throughout 2022, and its honestly the best mmo out there if you care about story. videos like this keep popping up for some reason every few years, and they are always wrong. its especially weird because its really not that hard to understand: as long as swtor keeps making money, its going to stay around. and as long as they keep updating the story, even if its only like one large update every 2 years, thats the case. especially since the anthem fail swtor has been getting a lot of attention, and that is besides the fact that every other wow killer mmo that was released has failed, except this. stop clickbaiting people. rant over.

Boras Raven says:

I loved this game… I started at launch and was subbed up until I quit when the cartel shop came along and fucked it all up… I’ve poked my nose in once or twice since then and the biggest difference I found was they could pull the whole game offline and it really wouldn’t affect how it plays now… really sad…

Victor Silveira says:

I’m here after the Remaster Trailer dropped

Geronimo Alonso says:

Im playing it lmao, it’s alive for me ;-;

dieyng says:

Can't really argue with the conclusion, that the game would have been served better creatively, if it was indeed a regular RPG.

moonside24 says:

2021, alive and well.

Yuki-Z says:

I actually worked for this game…. trust me. the work environment was HELL! its like top management did not know what they were doing… great game but mishandled awfully.

FFVII1992 says:

Jedi fallen order was what fans needed/wanted.

Lord oft error says:

It's a fun game to come back to every year or two. I always keep the authenticator on my phone so that I can afford a cool new set everytime I decide to hop on.

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