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How Hyper Light Drifter Was Made Without Using any Text

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This Hyper Light Drifter documentary details the development of indie 2D pixel action RPG Hyper Light Drifter and goes behind the scenes of its creation. Discover more about developer Heart Machine and the person that came up with the initial idea for the video game, Alx Preston. Alx was born with a congenital heart disease that, even after surgery, causes severe digestive and immune system issues. It resulted in multiple hospitalizations growing up, some of which were near-fatal. One day, after an exceptionally difficult time in the hospital as an adult, Alx had a sudden realization: he needed to share his creativity with the world. That’s when he started drawing loose sketches, developing rough ideas, and experimenting with a number of game engines.

The documentary also explores all the design decisions that Heart Machine made and shows how, thanks to a very successful Kickstarter, they were able to create Hyper Light Drifter without the help of a publisher. It also takes a close look at all the hurdles the team had to go through. For example, when the team made the ambitious decision to not include any text in the game, lots of design challenges started to pop up. It took a lot of refinement to communicate the game’s larger goals to the player, as well as coming up with a system to buy skills that didn’t include any numbers or words. Lastly, the documentary takes a look at Heart Machine’s future, which includes Hyper Light Breaker and a limited animated television series based on Hyper Light Drifter that Alx Preston and Adi Shankar are working on.


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