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IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre is a brand new real time strategy game (RTS) among the incoming games like Stormgate, Tempest Rising, and Zero Space. Its developed by Sunspeargames which initially was a group of Starcraft [More]
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STAKES. GUNS. SLOW-MO. Fight werewolves and vampires in a reality-shifting motel. Dive through barricades to escape the grasp of evil puppets. Destroy the villain you loved. A new, third-person love letter to classic shooters. Neo-noir [More]
Total madness with a shockingly eye opening twist. Join me taking a look into Pay 2 Win: The Game. Please drop the video a like if you enjoy it and let me know your thoughts [More]
Spiele für Steam, Uplay und Co. jetzt digital bei Gamesplanet.com kaufen: http://bit.ly/2of1MR0 (*) Atlas Fallen… war das nicht dieses Action-Rollenspiel aus Deutschland, das ohne deutsche Sprachausgabe daherkommt? Haha! Nicht mehr! Nach unserer Preview im Frühjahr [More]
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How is the team at Bethesda Game Studios approaching their latest rich, immersive and compelling RPG experience? How are they bringing their core DNA to the next generation of consoles with Starfield? Get fresh insights [More]
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The gun required for this is the Sand Hawk found in the first DLC Captain Scarlett. It fires 8 bullets at a time and coupled with the Bee shield destroys. If you do not have [More]
Today I am showing you a pretty awesome strategy on Soloing Hyperius!! If you do not know he is generally one of the hardest Raid bosses in the game. This should help you and your [More]
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This Guy Made a Machine Learning RuneScape PVP Bot Botwatch needs to be implemented in OldSchool RuneScape! Machine learning bots are here, and without an advanced system like Botwatch, OldSchool RuneScape will be destroyed. → [More]
Here are all the different fancy clothes ( outfits / costumes ) that can be chosen by Cloud for Tifa to wear – “I wonder what would suit me.” 0:25 – Something mature 2:14 – [More]
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What if Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Stephen Curry, Magic Johnson & basically every other incredible NBA player ever just combined into one single man? Well, that’s exactly what the video is y’know [More]
I made a 7’7″ point guard in NBA 2K19 and it broke the game! This 7’7″ player is the tallest player in NBA 2K19! I made a 7’7″ center in the past but I wanted [More]
At E3 this year they announced new additions for the Fallout 4 game, including various contraptions, like Elevators, Armor and Weapon Racks, Track Kits so that you can build your very own rollercoaster and conveyor [More]