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HYPERIUS THE INVINCIBLE Solo Made Easy!!! *Borderlands 2*

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Today I am showing you a pretty awesome strategy on Soloing Hyperius!! If you do not know he is generally one of the hardest Raid bosses in the game. This should help you and your friends beast him!!! Thank you for Watching!!!

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As Always have a Great Day and Thank you for Watching!!!


Io says:

8 years later and he’s still helping, rip

Jorden Ug says:

I’ve done it with one robot

Mega Benny says:

Can anyone help me beat this guy? Let's add each other on ps4

sendarxX olcen says:

Oh i miss u bro

Gilmoore Dava says:

How to get that gun lol

K1NG TWAN says:

2021??? Rip

wasap doc says:

Liar. His guns are lvl million.

Karl Thomas says:

Im trying to fight him right now, Am i able to solo kill him at level 30? Please help asap.

Cameron Mclean says:

1 mil views now 😢


That gate is locked bro?

Fiahmontle🍍 says:

I think that Hyperius.is the easiest invencible boss, more than Pyro Pete

Slow civi says:

2019 the boys and I still watch your videos.

Daniel Chockler says:

Ha take the l you’re dead hahahhahaah

Anthony Robideau says:

Took me one try. Krieg whooped him

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