Music:Porter Robinson – Language (Anki Remix)
Grimoire 3.3 :
(All Player) update 28/1/2018 Bounty Hunter Blade Pet’s Quests :
(All Player auto Bugs Un13) update 28/1/2018 Bounty Hunter Blade Pet’s Quests v.2 : (More)

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Splatoon first impressions review… Nintendo had its “Splatoon Global Testfire” event this weekend, three hour long sessions over two days where WiiU owners could download and play a limited set of 4 v 4 online matches in the new squad based arena third person shooter game, Splatoon… I played all three sessions (yes even the one that had me up at 4am Sunday morning!) and this is what I though if it…
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The race that will defy logic and put everything to the extreme is here. It’s going to be one thrilling race in this epic 3D mobile racing game called Asphalt 8: Airborne. The main focus in the game; is race, race, and more races. The feature that makes each race unique are the game modes offered. There’s the Career Mode, Infected, and Drift Gate mode: each with unique set of rules you must follow if you want to win. There’s also a damage system where you can actually see your car getting wrecked with each tackle. You can also perform stunts with your car as you ramp through the air. (More)

The song that plays when fighting Nemes Ange or Demoire Dominus. Enjoy~ (More)

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Featuring all phases of the fight. Composed by Nobuo Uematsu, rearranged by Masashi Hamauzu & Mitsuto Suzuki. (More)

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How To UNLOCK The FREE VAULT REWARDS in Fortnite. The new free Fortnite battle royale vault overtime challenge item rewards. (More)

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This is a tutorial on how to make a fast paced platformer game in Slick2D. Cough, and lets not forget the multiplayer part ;). (More)

Unreal Engine 4 2D sidescroller using only blueprints only. The final project will be released at (More)
0:00 – Main Theme
1:56 – We Named Her Ku
2:58 – A Yearning for the Sky
6:30 – A Keepsake from the Past
8:52 – Ku’s First Flight
11:37 – Separated by the Storm
15:25 – Howl
16:31 – Now Use the Light, We Want to See!
21:57 – A Shine Upon Inkwater Marsh
25:03 – Overlooking the Mill
28:48 – The Eyes of Kwolok
33:25 – Hornbug
35:18 – Dashing and Bashing
39:38 – Meeting Kwolok
40:47 – Kwolok’s Throne Room
43:29 – Sanctuary in the Glades
46:15 – The Ancient Wellspring
49:10 – A Look Inside
52:18 – Trouble Within
53:01 – Turn, Turn, Turn Again
56:38 – Amelioration
58:47 – Escaping a Foul Presence
1:00:52 – Silent Woodlands
1:04:33 – Reunification
1:07:38 – Ash and Bone
1:11:19 – Shriek
1:12:41 – Fading of the Light
1:16:51 – The Story of Niwen
1:19:06 – Shadows of Mouldwood
1:24:16 – Mora the Spider
1:30:13 – The Eyes of the Forest
1:31:40 – The Darkness Lifted
1:35:40 – Luma Pools
1:40:45 – Kwolok’s Malaise
1:44:05 – Strength of the Forest
1:45:25 – Resolution in Paradise
1:49:54 – Midnight Burrows
1:54:07 – Baur’s Reach
1:59:14 – A Snowy Skirmish
2:00:32 – In Wonderment of Winter
2:03:59 – Baur’s Peak
2:05:11 – Escape with the Memory of the Forest
2:07:06 – Shriek’s Tale
2:10:00 – The Windswept Wastes
2:13:34 – Burrowing
2:17:52 – Approaching the Ruins
2:20:06 – The Heart Knows It’s Safe
2:20:47 – The Windtorn Ruins
2:23:07 – Seir
2:25:09 – Escaping the Sandworm
2:27:17 – The Weeping Ridge
2:30:52 – Willow’s End
2:35:47 – Decay
2:41:40 – Unblocking the Way
2:45:04 – The Spirit Willow
2:47:58 – Shriek and Ori
2:54:08 – Remaining in Darkness
2:55:46 – A Stirring of Memories
2:58:09 – Ori, Embracing the Light (More)


✔️Song:Where’d You Go X Divinity (Mashup)
✔️Original Artist(s):Illenium & Said The Sky X Porter Robinson
✔️ Mashup By:Nick Gunner
✔️Genre:Electronic (More)

Every single free-for-all minigame in Mario Party Star Rush for the 3DS.
00:00 Acornucopia
1:09 Corkscrew Climb
2:09 Piece of Cake
4:20 Lava Labrynth
5:32 Pirahna Plantemonium
6:26 Greedy Eats
7:56 Jump to Conclusion
8:57 Rolls for Moles
9:53 Wheelin’ and Wigglin’
10:45 Blowboat Battle
10:36 Fruit or Foe
14:35 Bumper Bugs
15:16 Top It Off
16:27 Splat-a-Stamp
17:40 Parkour War
18:59 Fruit Parade
20:00 Haunted Hallways
21:50 Roller Revenge
22:53 Jewel Janitors
23:51 Dodge Fuzzy, Get Dizzy
24:41 Pop Quiz
26:02 Shooting Stars
26:51 Conkor de Force
28:21 Bridgesaw Puzzle
29:40 Block Busters
30:35 Goomba Guess
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Cześć, ja jestem Brodaty, a przed Wami The Riftbreaker
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Moje brodate oko indycze przykuł The Riftbreaker, czyli polski tower defense od autorów ze Szczecina. Mimo, że The Riftbreaker jest jeszcze w zamkniętej alfie, otrzymałem dostęp do tej gry i postanowiłem The Riftbreaker pokazać na kanale. Dlaczego? Dlatego, że The Riftbreaker mocno przypomina w niektórych miejscach They Are Billions. The Riftbreaker opiera się o podobny styl zabawy – mamy przetrwać nadchodzące fale potworów, korzystając z surowców, rozwijania bohatera, nowych wynalazków. The Riftbreaker charakteryzuje przede wszystkim spektakularna oprawa graficzna, gdzie w The Riftbreaker niemal wszystko jest obiektem fizycznym. Szatkowanie tysięcy potworów na raz w The Riftbreaker jest po prostu niesamowite. Niestety The Riftbreaker wymaga jeszcze prac i właśnie dlatego znajduje się w zamkniętej alfie.
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Part 3 most likely will be out MONDAY (More)

AGamer here and I was just curious how a spike factory would do against a ZOMG, this is the result (More)

Ghost of Tsushima looks INSANE man. We’re really about to be a samurai on July 17. That’s wild (More)

From the makers of Block Fortress, Heroes and Castles, and N.Y.Zombies, comes Monster Adventures, NOW AVAILABLE on the App Store! Monster Adventures mixes rogue-like adventuring, RPG elements, monster mixing & catching, and much more! (More)

Final 6 levels in Super Meat Boy. (More)

Far Cry New Dawn – Fly, You Fools! Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide – No wings means less drag, right? Take a short flight in the wingless plane. [Bronze] (More)

My full analysis of Relic’s upcoming Warhammer 40K real-time strategy title after more than 25 hours of multiplayer with Dawn of War 3! (Which some people think is a MOBA because reasons.) (More)

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Here are all bosses and boss cutscenes of Crash Nitro Kart for PS2, Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube (1080p & 60fps) Enjoy – Rate – Comment – Subscribe =)
Activate the description for the order of the bosses!! (More)

Triple Twin isn’t a bad tank in FFA. Most of the players that I’ve seen use it tend to farm lower-levels and always farm shapes. Farming shapes is inevitable with this class anyway, but they often lurk around the Pentagon Field. With my build, I actually search for players. (More)

This week Yahtzee reviews Katana Zero. (More)

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Unboxing Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Persona 5 Royal Limited Edition console and Phantom Thieves Edition. Who’s excited for PS5 gameplay reveal? Thanks to Tradely for arranging this rare Japan exclusive console (paid for it myself) and SEGA / Koch Media for Phantom Thieves Edition!
PlayStation 5 PS5 console reveal
Minecraft Mystery Box…
Ultimate Final Fantasy VII Remake unboxing
PS4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition unboxing
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IGN gives its video review of the game No More Heroes in HD. Travis Touchdown is back to cut off some heads and rise in the ranks with Heroes’ Paradise. (More)

Ed Boon announced the latest entry into the MK series at the Video Game Awards. (More)

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I hope you guys enjoy this video! This was a great video to make so I will most likely continue this on a 1 – 2 week basis if it’s something you’d of-course all want to see 🙂 (More)