Scarlet Nexus – Powers Trailer | PS4, PS5

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You’re not the only Psionic with Powers in SCARLET NEXUS. Witness the amazing powers and abilities your allies possess. Can you work together to save the world?

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Ouroboros says:

That tune hits hard!



kevo300 says:

he went crazy at the end

Gothtaku 666 says:

Kingdom Hearts Final Fantasy Fantasy neir meets Dmc onimusha Okami Bayonetta mgs rising and astral chain

Zer0 Zutnamada V says:


Zer0 Zutnamada V says:

Take my money!!!!

Troy Hayder says:

By the power of purple!!!

Ogre971 says:

Cell Shading is perfect !!!

Eric Wynne says:

very nice bosses. still no release day.

Erna Wati says:

It look like very cool

Am not Genji main says:

I thought thumbnail was megumin lol

Mr. Wayne says:

What is the soundtrack name?

Bez Oznaught says:

I need to finish Code Vein, but I'm still recovering from the abomination known as the cathedral, I never want to navigate that again.

TwisteDxBoi says:

I don't trust this after the mess that was Code Vein

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