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Starcraft 2 Modders made their own NEW RTS game in Unreal Engine 5 – IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre Review

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IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre is a brand new real time strategy game (RTS) among the incoming games like Stormgate, Tempest Rising, and Zero Space.

Its developed by Sunspeargames which initially was a group of Starcraft 2 modders who made their prototype in the SC2 Engine.

In Early August they had a playtesting event for their Alpha, here’s my thoughts on it and more.

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Table of Contents
0:00-1:00 Background
1:01-1:12 Graphics
1:13- 1:36 Zoom level & Scaling
1:37- 1:52 Art Style
1:53- 2:08 Details & Silhouettes
2:09-2:23 Favorite Looking Models
2:24-3:05 Readability Concerns
3:06-3:47 Sound Design
3:48- 4:07 Pathfinding
4:08-4:19 Responsiveness
4:20-5:42 Game Design – What’s new?
5:43-6:20 Protoss Vibes?!
6:21- 6:56 Game Design Impressions
6:57-7:06 State of RTS Genre
7:07-8:20 Will RTS ever be Great?
8:21-8:44 NEW RTS for SC2 Players?
8:45-9:43 Disappointing Game Genre
9:44-10:31 Verdict
10:32-10:39 How to Try this Game Out

Discord Link : Discord.gg/UZFa7aM7Pw

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